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  1. 44 minutes ago, Dfrads said:

    I am only making simple slideshow presentations, with no more than 50 photos and 1 or 2 songs.

    I can save and download it multiple ways but they all require me to select the folder once its in the DVD player.

    I need to it to automatically display the first slide when placed in the DVD player. 

    Is there an easy setting I am just missing?

    Since you have not told us exactly what you did, it is hard to make aby suggestions or tell you what you are missing.

    Did you simply burn the production to a DVD or did you use the myDVD feature to create a video DVD?

    PLease give us some details on what exactly you did!

  2. 1 hour ago, HarryTanjong said:
    I just want to share a little experience about Prepare Failed Record # 0 in Corel Visual Studio.
    I use Corel Visual Studio ultimate x9.
    the way the computer or notebook you use is not available voice recording devices, so turn off the audio system by clicking on the audio system settings disable audio system,
    good luck

    You should be posting in the Corel VideoStudio forum. This is the Roxio forum site.

    BTW, there is no such thing as Corel VIsual Studio

  3. Burning a 120 minute video to a DVD will of course create all sorts of problems. A standard 4.3GB DVD can only hold 60 minutes of video will require a lot of compression and a huge loss of quality especially since your source video is already at low quality.  Even at highest compression I think VHS2DVD cannot burn 120 minutes to a DVD

  4. Since you used transition, panning & zooming as well as music, there is no realistic way to edit the video (the vob files)  and so will have to start your project over again

    If you have the dmsm project file then you may still be able use it to recreate the project. Videwave may not be able to find the files initially but it does have an option to relink to the required files if they are available in their new locations. Do you have the dmsm project file? This project file never includes any vidos or photos but only links to where the files are found. All video editors work that way.

  5. Sorry, that 2019 was my typo error, should of course have been 2010.

    When you created that DVD from your photos, you created a video and the photos cannot be extracted any more directly from the video. There are programs and methods that can extract individual frames from the mpg video files. Do really need to do that and why? Can you not edit the mpg files without bothering with photo files?

    Do you still have the original photo files? If yes then you should use those and completely recreate you project.

    Exactly what do you want to edit? The individual photos or change sequence of photos or waht?

  6. What do you mean by " could not edit. "? If the vob files were correctly extracted from the Video_TS folder then Videowave should have no problem adding them to the timeline and edit them.

    You can also copy the files vob files directly from the DVD to a folder using Windows Explorer. You could then change the vob extension of the copied files to mpg and add those files in Videowave.

    You keep changig names for your program. Roxio Creator 10 and Roxio Creator 2010 are two different programs. Which one do your have?

  7. Could you tell exactly what program you are using as there are several Roxio programs that convert VHS to DVD? Your post can then be moved to the correct forum.

    Also exactly what settings are you using? Are you converting direct to DVD or are you first capturing to a file on your computer?

    How long in time is the VHS video you are capturing/converting? You certainly do not really want to use Extended play since that will lower the quality quite a lot

  8. Do you want to edit the actual photos or just edit the full video? Once you created the DVD all images were "merged" into one video and are no longer available as individual  frames.

    If the former then you have to extract each image from the video unless you still have the original photo files somewhere.

    For editing you should be using Videowave. myDVD is mainly for creating the DVD

  9. You created a video DVD from you photos. Now you want to edit some of those photos that were used? Is that correct?

    If yes then all those photos were rendered to a video file and those photo files no longer exist as "individual" files on the DVD.

    If you no longer have access to the original photo files then you will have to extract each photo file from the whole movie one at a time.

    Is that what you want?


    Still not sure what version of myDVD you are using. Can you look at Help/About and post the build number?

    Is the myDVD part of your Roxio Creator 10 or is it a separate program?


  10. 2 hours ago, Joyce P said:

    I want to thank both Brendon and bimicher for all your patience & assistance with this issue. I think the best solution for me is to use the save in Paint as a .gif file...seems the easiest if not the most sophisticated.

    Also, I have just upgraded to NXT Pro 7 and have some questions about that program so I'll seek out another forum and perhaps we'll meet again.

    Warmest regards,


    Did you try Irfanview in the batch mode? To me it would be the easier solution then fooling around with gif files.

  11. Irfanview can do batch processing, ie. you could convert all 200 pics in one folder in one go. 

    Once you have downloaded and installed Irfanview, use the Help option to search for "Batch Conversion" to learn how to do the batch conversion.

    BTW, when you say " I have a file that contains multiple pics e.g. 200 ", your "file" reference should actually say "folder" or "directory".  A "folder" is not a "file" but does contains a number of files. In this case it would be 200 photo files.


  12. I think Windows Explorer has been replaced by something called File Explorer in Windows 10. I don't use W10 so I don't know how that functions. You should be able to use it to copy any photo files from your camera to any directory on your system not just the directory that W10 uses by default. I have no idea whether your Windows Picture does any modification of the Exif metadata when it transfers the files from the camera to the hard drive.

    The Exif version number is set by the software in your camera. I have pictures with version 220 that were taken over 10 years ago and also have pictures with version 230 that were taken with a 2 year old camera. Roxio Creator NXT 6 has no problem opening pictures with either version.

    Are you doing any editing/modification of the pictures before loading them into Roxio?

    Exactly what version of NXT 6 do you have. Look at Help/About and it should give you that info

  13. Why are you "sending" the photos from the S7 to "Windows Pictures"? Why not simply copy from the S7 to your computer using Windows Explorer? Then load those files into Roxio and see if they still give the problem

    Unfortunately your images do not show any properties information. Selecting the "Details" tab show a lot more info.


    Upgrading to NXT 7 will not solve your problem. In fact there is very little new in NXT 7 compared to NXT 6