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  1. The final format depends on the format of your original source files. There is not much point in creating a higher format than your source format since sometimes the quality is actually reduced.

    I don't create videos for youTube so I can't help you there. You should check with youTube to see what formats are acceptable. In any case, yould render all your clips to the format you finally decide on


  2. 4 hours ago, Mr HC said:

    Sorry, but i did get an email from someone named Peter. And you know exactly what i mean by gathering info. Lastly, you can take that bass out of your voice with me coz i'm not the one!

    Got It??

    Well, it appears that you still have your childish attitude that you you displayed so well in August 2014.

    You said "Goodbye & Good Luck". Maybe you should keep that promise

  3. 1 hour ago, ratrodder said:

    the only file option when "save as" after working on a production in videowave is "DMSM" .

    the problem is that I cannot "ADD VIDEO" of a DMSM file,or a DAT file to a new production?

    I want to take several small saved productions and put them together into one production. But I get a message of" WARNING, one or more of the files you are trying to add cannot be edited, and have not been saved"

    can this be done with creator nxt6. running windows10.


    A dmsm file and its associated dat file are not video files. The dmsm file is a text file which contains the instrutions on how to process your project including the source files used, transitions and effectsapplied, etc. It cannot be added to a project using the "add" option. The "Add" option is used to add already existing video files and/or image files.

    To "save" a video file of your project (ie, render) you use the "Output" option on the main menu and then select "Export As"

  4. THe option to burn the DVD is found on the NXT 6 Home page under Create DVDs. If you don't have that option then you did not install the program myDVD during the install process.


    If your mpg is longer then about 60 minutes it will not fit on a standard DVD. You will have to usea DL DVD or reduce the bitrate in Videowave to make the file smaller

  5. 53 minutes ago, ImChuck said:

    I installed EMC 9 when it first came out and saved 21 DVD images of home movies at that time.  I would like to install the current version of "Roxio CD & DVD Burning" software to access and burn DVD's from my library.  The image files have a gi identifier.   My present desktop is a new build with Rysen 6 processor, W10, and LG M-disk capable burner. Are my legacy image files compatible with the latest Roxio products?

    If all you want to do is burn you "gi" image file to a DVD, then your could try the free program IMGburn. It claims to handle the "gi" format image file

  6. Unfortunately Frank gave you incorrect instructions.

    nyDVD has been thoroughly castrated and is only a shadow of the "old" versions (pre NXT 5). It no longer accepts the dmsm project file as it did previously. You now have to select the "prepare for DVD authouring" icon on the NXT 6 menu bar. This will allow you to create the mpg file required by myDVD. Once this file has been created, start myDVD and now you can create the DVD. If you still have a Roxio version which allows you to create the DVD directly from Videowave, I would revert to it. Lately every "new" Roxio Creator version seems to be a step backwards 😞


  7. I downloaded the file and tried playing it with VLC  - no audio. I then used NXT 7's myDVD to create an iso file which played fine with audio.

    Back in VLC, I found that under audio/audio track there are 2 audio tracks listed: Track 1 has no audio while Track 2 has audio. Does anybody else see this?


  8. 2 hours ago, DennisKH1959 said:

    there is only one letter-number that is either an O or a 0 and it looks like a 0, not an O but I tried both and it still has a red x, every other letter and number are plain as day as to what they are.

    I have a nice desk lamp with a nice shiny new bright LED bulb in it and can see very well each and every letter and number.

    it starts with two numbers then a dash, then two letters, two numbers, and a letter, then four letters, and a number,  last two letters, then the 0 followed by two letters.

    the only questionable letter/number is the 0 and I tried t with 0 and with O and it does not like it, either way, all other letters and numbers are plain as day so that there can be no mistake as to what they are.

    The serial code for Roxio VHS to DVD 3  should look like this: MV-MB4VL-7CPZZ-K1J2K

    The code you are describing certainly is different.

    Did you have it installed before and did you register? If yes then you can get the serial number from the Roxio website

  9. That requirement is not misleading - it states exactly what is required. Many software companies have the requirement for an internet connection when installing software.

    You have 30 days to request a refund and it is quickly given.

    Without an internet connection you cannot get any updates to the program.


    BTW, how did you you download the package if you don't have an internet connection?

  10. 4 hours ago, Carol1234 said:

    Loaded but very, very slow.  Tried to create a slideshow...unable to see the photos to organize...tried to run it and it hangs at 22%.  I loved Creator 2010 but will not run on windows 10 so I upgraded. 

    Perhaps if you were to explain the steps you are taking, then perhaps someone can help you.

    What is very,very slow mean? What do you mean by " unable to see the photos to organize "?

    Details please!