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  1. 3 hours ago, mamike said:

    been trying to download music from cassette player to CD. what format does sound editor download in? I can see the burn on CDs, but won't play back?

    mpg is video not audio or did you mean mp3? What are the filenames on the CD your burned?

    What exactly are you trying to create: a audio CD or a Data CD?

  2. If you want to trim a few seconds from any video clip you have to use Videowave. Perhaps it is time you looked at some of the many tutorials on the web that show you how to use Videowave. Even the Help file for VideoWave (which is not horrible) gives a good description on how to use the Trim feature

    Simply clicking on the Prepare for DVD Authouring will of course do nothing if you don't have a video clip on the timeline. Videowave has to be used if you want to do any editing such as trimming, splitting, adding transitions, effects etc.

  3. 3 hours ago, gwprincealbert said:

    nope this is the only screen that shows up is that above nothing else I have rerached out to Roxio about the issues but they are slow responding they basicly want me to do a clean boot disable everything and try to install there software that they send me from google drive which my key doesn't work for so waiting for that then will try. if not I will pull warranty 

    Did you ever do a google search on the "APC INDEX MISMATCH" error message? It certainly happens often since the search shows 260,000 search results

  4. 1 hour ago, ricknangi said:

    Yes it does play on my computer and the only error message I get on DVD player is Incompatible TV system setting .

    That error message indicates a problem with PAL vs NTSC. Are you sure your DVD is in PAL format?

    Another possibility is an incorrect region setting when burning but that should always be automatically set to Region 0 when burning from Roxio.

    Perhaps you could do a google search on " Incompatible TV setting" and something there might help you.

  5. 20 minutes ago, ricknangi said:

    Using NXT6 in Win 10

    MYDVD does not recognise DMSM files created in Videowave so have used OUTPUT and make movie, selected PAL then DVD playback which give me MPEG2 for DVD best quality. When the disc is burnt it will not play in my stand alone DVD player which is set for PALI have used various previous versions for over 10 years with no problems. Can anyone help please

    Does it play in the computer DVD player?

    Is there any error message on your stand alone DVD player?

  6. 1 hour ago, xxx567 said:


    I'm trying to upload vhs videos from my Sony CCD TRV27E to a Windows 10 computer  (new Lenovo laptop).

    1. The video itself is blurred. Very disappointing!  On the camera output, it's fine.

    2. On top of the video capture there is a distortion.

    This isn't happening if I look directly at the output on the camcorder, so it doesn't seem to be a problem with the tape or the camcorder.

    I've attached a screenshot with an example of the problems.


    Can anyone help?


    Capture with discoloration on top.JPG

    A complete description of your hookup would help.

    Are you running off battery or AC?

  7. 3 hours ago, tngordo said:

    Jim, I've never used Videowave, so I don't know my way around in it. When I opened it from Creator, it first prompted me to choose between creating a new production or editing an existing production. I don't know what a production is. It must not be the same thing as a project, because when I point it at the folder where my existing projects are stored, it doesn't recognize them.

    What are you trying to create? If you are not going to do any video editing there is no need to open Videowave at all. If all you want to do is create a DVD or BlueRay disc then simply launch "Create DVDs" from the Creator home page.

    Perhaps you could describe in some detail what steps you are taking.

  8. 20 hours ago, tngordo said:

    I recently purchased Creator NXT 6 along with the Bluray plugin. I have had mixed success creating Blu-ray DVD's, but the program fails during the encoding phase at least 50% of the time, often after running for 2 or more hours. Fortunately, there have been no failures during the actual DVD burn process, so I have lost only time and not discs. Before going into a lot of detail about the failures, I have some basic questions:

    1. I am running Windows 8.1. I exchanged a couple of emails with someone from tech support who seemed unsure as to whether Creator and more importantly MYDVD were supported on 8.1. He said something to the effect that they didn't have an 8.1 platform to do any testing. Is 8.1 supported? If not, can I try to use compatibility mode and if so, what settings?
    2. So far, most of the projects I have run are processing .mp4 files that I used a converter program to convert .ts files. The reason I had mostly .ts files is that I had heard that most programs like Creator supported .ts files (in fact, I have discovered that Creator used to support .ts files but no longer does. Why would a newer version of a program drop support? I would think that a new version would add, not remove, features? If I can get Creator to work more reliably, I will change my video capture program to create either .m2ts or .mp4 files. Any recommendations?

    Now for at least a little detail about the errors. When MYDVD fails, the only immediate error message is about an unhanded exception. No error codes are displayed at the time of the failure. I went into Windows Event Viewer and found a few frequent entries. I've copied and pasted the entries into a text file and attached it here from the 2 most common entries (these occur as pairs, one right after the other). If there is a better way to produce this data, please let me know:




    MYDVD error 1.txt

    MYDVD Error 2.txt

    myDVD does not show *.ts files in its supported file formats but if you change the ts extension to mts it should work.

    To see the Open File Dialog box in myDVD you

    1-switch to Advanced Mode

    2-click on the small icon in the upper right corner of the "Drag your content" here thumbnail

    3-select Add Title from the drop-down menu

    4-you should now see the list of supported formats



    but why are you converting mp4 files to ts since myDVD supports mp4 files?

  9. 16 hours ago, SoundMan said:

    Is there a way to save the multi-camera project and continuing working on it (selecting cameras, keeping the sync of  the video streams) etc?  I have an hour long video that I did on two cameras and the amount of time to go completely through it will exceed the length of the videos by several multiples, plus I found syncing by audio very difficult with the two files and had to visually sync based on an easy to see event that's visible in both videos.

    Here is a link to the MultiCamera tutorial which covers saving a multicamera project

  10. It is going to take some time to do what you want and that has nothing to do with merging the individual clips. You are converting the HD mp4 or mts clips to mpg (DVD compliant format) and that will take a long time. Also adding chapter points, menus,etc will also increase rendering times.

    In my opinion that camcorder is overkill for what you want to do which is create DVDs


  11. If the camcorder records to individual clips (no matter what format), then those clips will have to be "merged" to a single clip if that is what you want. This can be done easily with Roxio. Roxio of course can also extract the "sermon" from any video file.

    It is not really clear from your post what you are trying to do.

  12. 1 hour ago, Jim B said:

    I'll have to plead the 5Th on that question. The friend passed away some time ago so I can't ask him where he got the download but, I imagine, he paid to download it from some site like eBay. There are many programs there that vendors advertise a digital download for. They place no limitations on the installations that can be made from that download.
      I have a hard copy of Creator 2012 that I bought some time ago and have since installed it on a number of different machines. I would think that the same would hold true for a downloaded version.

    But then, thinking is not my strong suit.

    If you have the serial key then you should be able to install it from CD and run it.

    In general I don't trust software downloaded from eBay or similar sites.

  13. 6 hours ago, Jim B said:

    I have been using creator 2012 and have experienced crashing problems with it on a regular basis. I followed all of the suggested ways to correct this problem including uninstalling and it reinstalling several times. Nothing helped. I'm considering buying NXT6. Is this a stable version?

    C2012 is probably the best Roxio Creator version issued. Without telling us what your actual problems are, it would be pointless to recommend anything.

    Please give some details about your project, source files, etc.

  14. 34 minutes ago, lost boy said:

    Thanks,   heads up. Since I posted this i contacted roxio and they had me reinstall. They first had me erase all roxio on my laptop. I then shut off my anti virus and reinstalled roxio. It has worked great till this morning. I go to "Edit Video- Advanced". I then click on "add photo/video" and a timer comes up for a few seconds and my screen disappears. 

    Not quite clear on what happens. Does the "timer" appear as soon as you click "add photo/video" (the selection folder does not appear) or you select a photo/video and then the timer appears?