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  1. 1 hour ago, MEMartin said:

    The original video was produced with a very old Roxio Creator program and then burned onto a DVD.  I do not know how to edit it with Creator NXT5 in Videowave.  Are you suggesting I treat it as a video clip and mute or turn off the sound?  And if so, how would I then be able to add narrative and music on those separate tracks?  It is about 15 minutes long.  Any help will be very much appreciated.

    How old is your "very old Roxio Creator" program, ie what version did your use? The basic edit operations in Videovaw NXT 5 have not changed in a long time.

    First of all, mute the native track.

    Have added the DVD video to the video tack in NXT 5 Videovawe?

    Do you have the narrative and music that you want to add?

  2. 52 minutes ago, MEMartin said:

    I have used several Roxio Creator software programs for many years.  I now use Creator NXT 5 Pro.  I want to use a DVD I made with an old version of Roxio software and remove the sound so I can re-create it and include narration and music which will be acceptable for You Tube use,  because the music used originally is copyright protected and prohibited on You Tube.  I am at a loss to know if or how I can accomplish this.  In My Videowave I added the DVD and then attempted to edit out the sound and was unsuccessful.  Please describe to me if this is possible.  I am trying to avoid producing an entirely new video from scratch.  An example of what I am hoping to accomplish on You Tube can be seen at my channel:  travldtwoseven at www.youtube.com



    If you have the DVD video in Videowave then simply mute the native audio track. Add any "new" audio on the other available audio tracks. After rendering the new video you will no longer

  3. On 1/10/2018 at 12:47 PM, Jer3784 said:

    I just recorded this old commercial.  Notice how the video starts at one point, and the audio a quick second later.  When I click record, nothing happens, then a second or two later the recording indicator pops up.  I'm assuming the video gets caught the exact second I press the record button, and the audio when the indicator says it's recording.

    I do media archiving for an Australian rock band, so I have contact with other people that transfer VHS to PC conversions.  They never seem to have a problem with their devices, and are running on PCs with much older technology.

    Maybe this just isn't a good product (?)  This is the second Roxio converter that I have gone through.  The first one I had to return, as it was overheating and creating bleeps in my audio.  


    My Video.mpg

    You should have the tape playing several seconds before the part you want to capture and you should also start capturing earlier. It takes a few seconds before the actual capture starts after pressing the "Start" button

    I have been using the capture device several years and have never had the problem you are describing. The device always warms up when attached to the PC just like all other devices.

  4. 38 minutes ago, scuba steve said:

    I was able to do it in RoxioNXT4 using "Copy and Convert", when I upgraded to RoxioNXT6 and tried the same thing I got the error message sited in the initial question, I have since found a work around by doing the process I outlined above.

    What workaround are you using in NXT 6? I thought you said NXT 6 does not work

    Have you copied the Video_TS folder from the DVD to your hard drive? Never work directly from a DVD, it slow things down too much. You also have to have the DVD in the drive every time you work on the project.


  5. What did you use to convert from VHS to DVD? Did you create a proper video DVD which should have a Video_TS folder containing a series of ifo,bup and vob files. NXT 6 has no problems with properly created video DVDs and no further decoder pack is required

    If you don't have this then you have a data DVD and you will have to give more information about the files on that DVD.


    What does this mean: " I try and use the copy and covert (I am taking clips from home movies that I had coverted from VHS to DVD) it cashes OK, "? 

    Why are you using Copy and Convert to edit your video? Why not use the video editor of NXT 6

  6. 7 hours ago, gwagnerx said:

    Without obvious reason my videowave seams to have problems to process any kind of photos and videos. I have upgraded the product from Creator NXT pro 4 to NXT pro 6 - same problem.

    I looked for Windows 10 video driver update - no option found.

    Can anybody help on this?

    PS: also existing old productions no longer work.

    So what program are you currently using? You posted in the C2012 program forum.

    Most old projects are not compatible with new versions of Roxio.

    Exactly what problems are you having? There is very little information in your post to offer any solutionj

  7. Have you tried to create a folder set or iso file as has been recommended earlier? You then play that with the VLC player. This will tell you if the problem is with the burning the DVD process. If the iso or folder set play correctly then the problem is probably with the burner.


    Did your short video work? What are your settings when you authour the DVD?