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  1. myguggi

    Coverting VideoWave to a DVD

    Unfortunately Frank gave you incorrect instructions. nyDVD has been thoroughly castrated and is only a shadow of the "old" versions (pre NXT 5). It no longer accepts the dmsm project file as it did previously. You now have to select the "prepare for DVD authouring" icon on the NXT 6 menu bar. This will allow you to create the mpg file required by myDVD. Once this file has been created, start myDVD and now you can create the DVD. If you still have a Roxio version which allows you to create the DVD directly from Videowave, I would revert to it. Lately every "new" Roxio Creator version seems to be a step backwards
  2. myguggi

    no sound on DVD

    Brendon, does your VLC show 2 audio tracks for the mpg file?
  3. myguggi

    no sound on DVD

    I downloaded the file and tried playing it with VLC - no audio. I then used NXT 7's myDVD to create an iso file which played fine with audio. Back in VLC, I found that under audio/audio track there are 2 audio tracks listed: Track 1 has no audio while Track 2 has audio. Does anybody else see this?
  4. myguggi

    Serial Number

    The serial code for Roxio VHS to DVD 3 should look like this: MV-MB4VL-7CPZZ-K1J2K The code you are describing certainly is different. Did you have it installed before and did you register? If yes then you can get the serial number from the Roxio website
  5. myguggi

    Roxio NXT 7

    I just downloaded various mts sample files from the Internet (from Canon, Sony and Panasonic camcorders) and none of them are accepted by NXT 7 Videowave. VLC will play them and Corels VideoStudio also has no problem with them
  6. That requirement is not misleading - it states exactly what is required. Many software companies have the requirement for an internet connection when installing software. You have 30 days to request a refund and it is quickly given. Without an internet connection you cannot get any updates to the program. BTW, how did you you download the package if you don't have an internet connection?
  7. myguggi

    Creator NXT 7 pro very slow

    Perhaps if you were to explain the steps you are taking, then perhaps someone can help you. What is very,very slow mean? What do you mean by " unable to see the photos to organize "? Details please!
  8. myguggi

    Large File problem

    Have you tried the Custom settings under Video in VCC? There you can set the bitrate which should reduce the mpg file size when rendered. You might then be able to burn that mpg file to a DL DVD. Can your "customers" play DL DVDs?
  9. myguggi

    "No Signal" on TV and Software

    You also need the hardware, ie the capture device that is supplied when you purchase the program. Without that capture device, the downloaded software is useless. It would help if you were to answer the questions and give a lot more details on your setup/connections. Exactly what is an "older sony laptop"?
  10. myguggi

    "No Signal" on TV and Software

    So what did you install if the computer says your DVD is blank? Where did you buy the program?
  11. myguggi


    I asked 3 questions and you only answered one.
  12. myguggi


    mpg is video not audio or did you mean mp3? What are the filenames on the CD your burned? What exactly are you trying to create: a audio CD or a Data CD?
  13. If you want to trim a few seconds from any video clip you have to use Videowave. Perhaps it is time you looked at some of the many tutorials on the web that show you how to use Videowave. Even the Help file for VideoWave (which is not horrible) gives a good description on how to use the Trim feature Simply clicking on the Prepare for DVD Authouring will of course do nothing if you don't have a video clip on the timeline. Videowave has to be used if you want to do any editing such as trimming, splitting, adding transitions, effects etc.
  14. myguggi

    computer crashing

    Did you ever do a google search on the "APC INDEX MISMATCH" error message? It certainly happens often since the search shows 260,000 search results
  15. myguggi

    DVD burning problem

    That error message indicates a problem with PAL vs NTSC. Are you sure your DVD is in PAL format? Another possibility is an incorrect region setting when burning but that should always be automatically set to Region 0 when burning from Roxio. Perhaps you could do a google search on " Incompatible TV setting" and something there might help you.