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  1. Each time I start Easy VHS to DVD 3, this error comes up "Xvidcore.dll not found". How is this error corrected. I think this is preventing teh program from seeing teh VHS player. Although it appeared to see this momentarily then the capture stopped. Any help in resolving this issue will be appreciated. Thanks
  2. stingrey

    Xcorevid.dll Not Found Error

    I am curious as to why you asked this question. I am having more issues with VHS2DVD3. First it was Xvidcore.dll issue which was resolved. Now I can't get the program to capture anything. At first, the VHS contents appeared on playback screen which was followed by the message unable to write to DVD. after that, I can't get see anything on teh screen except a green screen, so I am sure it is not captuing anything. I tried both methods of capturing the VHS contents: Direct to DVD and Record and edit without any success. I am using windows XP SP3 with4 Gb memory. I use NVIDIA GS 7900 video adapter and MEMOREX DVD's. I have another unit that is Windows Vista based. I'll do one more re-install on the XP. if still unsuccesful, I;ll load teh program on teh Vista based unit and see where thsi gets me.
  3. stingrey

    Xcorevid.dll Not Found Error

    Thanks Jim. You are right. it is not part of Roxio. It's strange though that it only comes up each time I start Roxio (which by the way I still can't get get to work and capture my VHS programs). I do use Xvid fromtime to time to view videos so I re-installed that and that solved the problem.