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    EMC 9 blows up Windows

    you'll have to excuse all the "Roxio Experts" they have the attitude that if it didn't happen to them then it didn't happen at all. First off when I ordered the download version each and every files was corrupt, I had to have the download reset a couple of time's, I tried on different computer's at different locations, and yet it was still corrupt, I finally did get it downloaded after waiting a day. Once I installed the #$^@ thing like you it called for a reboot, this was the first thing I installed after a new and fresh fully updated machine that I just completed the activation on. After I did the required Roxio reboot the first thing that popped up was the windows activation wizard, yes it found too many hardware changes, hmmm wonder if that had to do with all the ATI stuff it un-installed during it's installation process, that was the first thing that set me wrong, I bought my all in wonder card for a reason not to give roxio permission to remove the functionality, and nowhere in the requirements did it state that there were going to be ill effects with ATI products, if it had I would have steered clear of this purchase in the first place. Keep in mind they released Roxio 8 and never did they release an update for the downloaded version. AMD XP 4200+ Dual Core / 2 GB's ram/Creative Labs audigy 2 Plat./Windows XP MCE fully patched/Plextor 712SA/ATI 9800 Pro AIW
  2. tenndevil

    Frustrated Mce 2005 User

    No joke, you just missed the point entirely, so no biggie, just show me which Roxio/Sonic encoder is compatible? there aren't any of them that are as reported by MCE 2005. Looking at whats hilighted wasn't the point, the point was all the red x's that show none of the encoders or decoders built by Roxio / Sonic are compatible with WM10 let alone MCE 2005, with the exception of the decoder that you seem to notice. and so there won't be any confusion, here's the rest of the pic. MCE 2005 wasn not specifically built for monitor's only, as a matter of fact my MCE box has never been connected to a monitor at all, luckily my television has a DVI input, so never had any need for a monitor. MCE is very specific in it's requirements both software and hardware, it's better to look for supported software at the main page. I've been using an application that converts dvr-ms files (2 hour movies) in less than 15 minutes to dvd compliant video.
  3. tenndevil

    Printing On Cd's

    I've noticed the problem, and it's quite simple. Although the manual config works, if you'll watch the printer box that pops up and disappears it's defaulting to plain paper and not cd/dvd printable media. Is this normal? who knows but it does tout the ability to print to cd, it doesn't without completely configuring the printer before hand.
  4. tenndevil

    Lost Cause

    All fine and dandy except your video card which is 3-4 years old considered a legacy product and has no support for the current graphics support which is required for todays software, the card doesn't even support directX 9 read the minimum graphics card requirements again. from ATI's website about your whopping 9200SE
  5. tenndevil

    Frustrated Mce 2005 User

    If you used the Decoder check tool it is made for MCE, not necessarily XP itself. If you did run it you will find that only one sonic decoder is compatible with MCE as well you'll notice none of them are WM10 compliant, so it kinda makes it a crap shoot.
  6. tenndevil

    Tv Quality In Mce2005

    It's an MCE Problem alright, especially when none of the roxio/sonic codecs are compatible with MCE 2005, and they are the only one's that can fix the compatability issue. It is a shame when I have to use something else to get full compatability, so I need two app's to do what one should do. And I myself use an MCE certified dual tuner.
  7. tenndevil

    Another $ Upgrade!?

    With the exception of 7.5 when sonic took over and wanted to integrate their software, they (Roxio) updated occasionally and upgraded every year or so just like everyone else. So no the upgrade didn't come any quicker than normal.