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    Buffer overrun detected

    Installed v9 and I'm having the same problem with these errors. Updated everything suggested here but I still get the same message. My question is - Is anything failing to work because of the error?
  2. Racin

    AV Capture Cards

    I would like any suggestions on which Video capture card I should buy. What works for you, or more important, what doesn't work!!! I'm using the new version, EMC 9. I plan on transfering old VHS tapes and I also want to transfer from my Sony Hi-8 Cam. I'll be installing it on a Dell Optiplex GX520. Any other recomendations?.....thanx
  3. Just started using v9. I have been using Basic v5 until now. I upgraded with the v9 offer. I have tried to create a data and a photo CD. Used both "Click-n-Drag" and the "Data Copy" routines. The software seems to be working OK until I EJECT the CD. Whether I leave it OPEN for future access or CLOSE the session, the CD is corupted and can not be accessed again....Anyone having a similar problem?.......ERROR is something like ---- D:\ unable to access....Invalid Function