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    Sure does sound like it. No, It's gone - this issue, the consistent "abend upon exit" problem, and the abysmal online support prompted the refund. I thought I'd ask, though, since the thread was open and it just might relate to the earlier version. The VHS tape in question is a copy of a 1932 b/w Errol Flynn movie "Dawn Patrol", and is in good condition. In general, b/w copying is inconsistent - for example, the beginning & end of Wizard Of Oz are b/w and didn't stop me from recording the whole tape.
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    Question: Does Roxio VHS to DVD 3 give an error message or some other "user-friendly" notification that a tape is protected? I have a tape I'm having a problem with, but nowhere on the box does it say anything about protection (I get audio but no video only with this one tape, it plays on the TV so I know it's good). gnsguy's posting doesn't state the s/w level he's at, and reports only receiving a "bright" screen but nothing else. FWIW: the link cited above references "Roxio Venue", not VHS to DVD. TIA, - Jim -
  3. I've read Corel/Roxio's policy about copying copyrighted material, and have no problem with it. If I try to copy a tape that's copyrighted, is there an error message from the s/w that so indicates, or just the "no input" message? I ask because some b/w tapes I have won't copy but the boxes don't say anything about the content being copyrighted and I wonder if that's the problem. Thanks in advance.
  4. I requested and received a refund for the product, even though I was past the "trial" period. I went to https://shop.roxio.com/store?Action=DisplayContactUsPage&Env=BASE&Locale=en_US&SiteID=sonic and selected the "Return Order", then "I Want To Return A Digital (downloadable) product", then "I Have An Irresolveable Technical Issue" options. In the "Describe The Problem" area I cited the numerous, unresolved tickets I had pertaining to the "Crash" problem. In order to receive the refund I had to "digitally" sign a "Letter Of Destruction" asserting that I'd deleted/destroyed all copies I had of the s/w - those on my PC or somehow externalized. Refund showed up on my credit card within the week.
  5. I will add - I get the same error, a window pop-up that says "Roxio Easy VHS to DVD has stopped working", that M/S only says that a a problem caused the program to stop working correctly and that they'll let me know when a solution is found. I'm running Vista. The program installation was as an upgrade to the product, and occurred with not problems. Any input? Do I need to report this to Support, or will they pick it up from here?