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    Stop In The Video Signal

    Hi everyone, I am trying to copy an old vhs to my hard drive using vhs to dvd. I have no problem with the program, it works. The problem is that the vhs that I am trying to copy now is really old, and at some points the vhs runs more slowly (in the video player, it can be seen that the clock of the player runs much more slowly than normal), although I can see the video tape running in the TV. At this points, the program shows a pop up which states that the signal has been lost, and the program stops recording, even though after a few seconds the vhs runs normally again. My concrete question then is the following: is there any setting or option which could prevent the stop of the recording once the signal has been lost, or any setting of the program that automatically re-starts the recording once the signal is recovered? Any other solution that allows me to copy the vhs in my hard drive is welcome too. Thanks for the support