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  1. Hello people-- I have been trying to get the WHOLE VHS tape onto a DVD and have had no luck- I am missing the last few minutes from the VHS. It seems that my VHS is about 2 hours and a few minutes and the DVD is only recording 2 hours . I was told that I can trim the recording BEFORE I actually burn it onto the DVD??? I used the RECORD option on the left side and I was able to do a few tapes in full. But not others?? So Roxio said to use the right side option of record edit and save-- and choose the 3 hours option??? So my question is this- do I have to go thru the whole BEFORE burning procedure and then he said a blue bar will appear under the speaker icon and that is where I can TRIM the video to the proper length and THEN burn it onto my DVD??? Is this correct??? Remember what I am trying to do is FIT the whole VHS recording onto ONE DVD. Please advise. It seems that this way I have to sit thru the whole PRE BURNING and then to TRIM the video I have to watch it again??? this can take hours--- is the the correct thing to do??? Please advise.
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    :(Hello people- I have some old VHS from kids and when I use the regular RECORD DVD option on the left-- and press play on the VCR-- it reords FINE--- BUT-- it seems that the VHS tape has on it about 2 hours and about 10 minutes ! THUS when I watch the DVD that has now been recorded onto-- I MISS the last 10 minutes of tape from the VHS tape. I wrote to ROXIO and they said to use the right hand option that says to RECORD,EDIT and SAVE---and then choose the START NEW PROJECT and then to enable the time for 3 hours option. I tried that and let the recording begin and 2 hours later all went for naught!! THE rest of their directions were completely wrong!! There was NO option to SAVE the project-- ONLY to IMPORT!! the project and that did no help!!! SO I then clicked on the top tab that said to EXPORT and I saved the file to my desktop BUT then when I went to move it to the DVD -the message said --NOT enough space to make this recording??? NOWHERE did I see the "TRIM" option as the tech support guy said?? Can someone PLEASE help me figure out HOW to get the FULL VIDEO onto a DVD that REQUIRES MORE than 2 hours of recording space.. and please make it a STEP BY STEP type of guide -- because I have e-mailed ROXIO many many times and I am on a wild goose chase .I appreciate any help . This should be a fun project and it is ending up being quite frustrating. :(