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    Imovie Alternative?

    Thanks for the reminder that I can do the trimming in Quicktime Player. I hadn't thought of that. I bought a Quicktime Pro license in 2002, back when I was still using OS9. It doesn't look like I ever upgraded Quicktime 7 to Pro. Apple still sells QT 7 Pro, but adding chapters in it seems terribly convoluted. Looking at the user guide, you have to startby making a text file with the names of the chapters, and then go through 20 steps, including adding the timecode for each chapter manually in the text file. For this, I get to pay $30 to go back to the previous version of Quicktime? QTMarker ($24) looks straightforward and simple, but I might first try Metadata Hootenanny (free) and make sure that the chapters show up properly in iDVD. Premiere Elements is still tempting, to edit more that just heads and tails, as well as adding dissolves, soundtracks, slideshows, etc.
  2. Chadd

    Imovie Alternative?

    Thanks for your reply. iDVD can only set chapters at regular intervals, like every 5 minutes. I want to be able to place them a specific events in the video. I could do it with Toast or Adobe Premiere Elements, which are around the same price. I owned Toast, Jam and Premiere 10 years ago, but stopped upgrading once the built-in Apple tools served my needs. At first glance, Toast's video editing capabilities look rudimentary compared with Premiere Elements. It seems I have some research ahead of me.
  3. Chadd

    Imovie Alternative?

    I've made my first VHS to DVD transfers and I'm not satisfied with the image quality. I'm using Roxio Video Capture version 2.0.1 and saving the files to disk at the "high" quality setting, which think is AIC .mov files. I then import to iMovie '11 to trim the heads and tails and add chapter markers at appropriate points, then export to iDVD to burn the disk. I end up with a lot of compression artifacts and horizontal interlacing artifacts. Searching on the Apple forums, I've learned that iMovie '11 deinterlaces video upon import, discarding every other field, in order to make the application work faster. Then iDVD has to re-interlace for the DVD, which explains why it looks like garbage. So iMovie is out. So I'm looking for another solution for trimming and adding chapter markers without reducing the quality of the video. Any suggestions? Is it better to use the "high" (AIC) quality setting or the "medium" (h.264) if I'm not going to be using iMovie?
  4. Chadd

    Purple Screen While Recording

    I had the same purple screen problem with Roxio Video Capture 2.0.0. Repeated attempts to upgrade to version 2.0.1 resulted in failed installations. I downloaded Easy VHS to DVD Capture version 1.0.5, which worked, but I missed being able to specify which hard drive to save video to. Roxio support suggested that I set up a new OSX user account in case my account registry files were corrupted, and to try to upgrade while logged in the new account. That alone didn't fix the upgrade failures, but then I tried reinstalling Roxio Video Capture from the installation disk. Then I was able to successfully upgrade to version 2.0.1. I deleted the new user account, and Roxio Video Capture 2.0.1 works fine in my original account, with no more purple screen bug. I don't know if the new user account was necessary. Just reinstalling from the disk may be enough.