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    DVD-RW Problems !

    Appreciate the reply. It's a coincidence though that neither my Mac Superdrive (built in) nor my ASUS external burner seem to like DVD-RWs any more, but you could be right. I could try erasing them on a DVD recorder, though whether a disc formatted on that is the same on a computer I'm not sure...
  2. CaptainGoffy

    DVD-RW Problems !

    I have been burning DVDs on my Mac for years using Toast 11. Recently I have had regular problems burning video to DVD-RWs. I had always used Verbatim, sometimes Maxell, DVD-RW, with no issues. Always a useful process to check the contents, picture quality, editing etc beforehand, is my thinking. In the past 12 months or so, I get regular refusal to burn to the DVD-RW. I get error messages but both the Superdrive and my external player refuse to use DVD-RWs Do they have a shelf life? My initial though was they were getting old, repeated erasing etc etc. But even newer DVD-RW s are rejected. I also note recently I have problems re-using CD-RWs as after 'erasing' them the contents is still there (even if I select option to erase fully). HOWEVER if I take the risk of burning direct to disc DVD-R invariably I have no problem (except I find I might have wasted a disc in the process!) Could the issue be that I am using a more recent Mac OS (High Sierra) ? Or is Toast 11 the problem ? Or is it simply DVD-RWs wear out quickly?
  3. CaptainGoffy

    Dvd Menu Set In Stone?

    I agree Toast menus are limited BUT unless I am missing something iDVD is incapable of allowing clips to run without annoyingly returning to the Menu after each clip finishes. As fabulous as the menus look do you really want to see it every time a short video ends and have to manually move onto the next clip ??Please tell me there is a fix !!!!!!
  4. CaptainGoffy

    Hang Up At 99%

    Suggest you look at the size of the files you have included in the compilation. Hi def files in a compilation can cause this in my experience. After I converted some to Apple intermediate I successfully burned that compilation without it stalling at 99%
  5. CaptainGoffy

    Toast 11 Is Not Usable

    Since i wrote this, I have "solved" this in a sense....It was to do with the size of the film clips I was trying to burn - I converted them to a slightly smaller format from 1920x1080 to 1290x720 - was it called Apple Standard or something similar. That worked and burned with good quality to disc. I would tell you more but i find Toast somewhat impenetrable and the help files/tutorials weak in that there is nothing of use concerning file conversion. I almost worked this through by accident, but achieved the end result i wanted at least. Not even sure i could do it again ! Toast has many useful features, but the lack of guidance makes life difficult, even finding video files via the right hand window is a complicated process. For example where does the web video go ?? I successfully collect clips from e.g. youtube, but after closing down, and re-starting there are no files visible in the web video window at all. I know they are somewhere but clearly hidden ...
  6. Tsantsee - I am really only just getting into using my iMac and Toast 11. I have had numerous issues i have worked around, but here's one stumping me.

    WHERE DO MY WEBVIDEOS go when i have downloaded them? I know they are here somewhere because I have one project saved that has a bunch of them. I can burn it so i know they are saved somewhere. But where?

    Would appreciate help-you a...

  7. CaptainGoffy

    Toast 11 Is Not Usable

    Hi - am new to Toast and iMac but after years of Nero and Windows grief I made the switch. I have had problems burning files to dvd with the encoding stopping at 99% and the error message about insufficient space on DVD. Have tried bot Toast 11 and Toast 10 = same problem. I know from other posts this problem goes way back ... I do think it's to do with file types I am trying to compile in this project. 22 mins of the hour long compilation are MPEG-2, of which 2 are 1920 x 1080, 29.97 fps. It's not the lack of space on my HD - I have masses, it's not the type of DVD I've tried many. It's not the Toast version..I have set it to DVD... So my question is as this "lack of space" / "99%" issue ever resolved ? Not very technical here, so keep it simple ! Meanwhile i will try and burn an image and then put that on DVD. Help !!