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    Integration Between Videowave And Mydvd

    I was running Creator 2012, but took the decision to upgrade to the latest version (NXT 5), as I didn't want to feel I was hanging on to an abandoned piece of software with Creator 2012. I originally bought Creator 2010 in 2010, and upgraded to Creator 2012 Pro in early 2012, which I used firstly under Windows XP, and from last year, on a new PC with Windows 7, which was subsequently upgraded to Windows 10. My issue with VideoWave and MyDVD has always been that while they do the job, they can be quite unstable, particularly when working with large files, often freezing for no reason. But I would usually persevere and eventually get the results I wanted. I presumed the instabilities were due to several bugs, and was always disappointed that not a single update has been made available for the software. I got the impression that Roxio had abandoned Creator 2012, and any reliability improvements were likely to be found with the later versions. NXT 5 is more stable, though I've still had some issues, (e.g. BurnerState_EncodingTitle failure, Reason: Unknown error. Code 2147942402), though I was able to circumvent this by saving my project multiple times, and reverting to previous saves when an issue or corruption suddenly arises. All in all I will probably stick with NXT 5, but the removal of so many features from MyDVD, and lack of support for old MyDVD projects is nothing short of criminal. It really is worst case scenario when you get locked into proprietary software and file formats, only for the vendor to completely abandon them to save themselves the bother and inconvenience of supporting or improving them.
  2. I have just upgraded from Roxio Creator 2012 Pro to Roxio CreatorNXT5. In the Roxio Creator 2012 suite of applications, VideoWave and MyDVD used to be integrated such that you could create a project in VideoWave (file extension .dmsm) and send this straight to MyDVD to automatically create a DVD Disc based on that project. The corresponding DVD project within MyDVD could be saved had file extension .dmsd. You could toggle between VideoWave and MyDVD with a single button. Now that I have upgraded to Roxio CreatorNXT5, there seems to be no integration between the two products. So as I see it: - there is no way to send a VideoWave project directly to MyDVD. - there is no way to open a previously saved MyDVD project (.dmsd file) file in the newer version of MyDVD. Can anyone confirm my observations?