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    Disc Error

    Brendon, I assume a careful clean of that lense would be with an optic lense-cleaning cloth?
  2. NMPastor

    Disc Error

    Player...It's on old AKAI DVD player. Project is less than 5 minutes. The DVD from the old Dell works great, but not from the new laptop.
  3. NMPastor

    Disc Error

    I tried your suggestion. It didn't work. I finally took the disc burned in this relatively new (2yo) Dell laptop and ran it through Roxio Burn in a Dell Dimension desktop I bought in 2007. That disc works. Sounds like a hardware issue to me.
  4. NMPastor

    Disc Error

    I have installed Creator NXT@ on a Dell laptop. 8gb Ram, Win7 X64. I have created a video in VideoWave combining mp3 for the menu, jpeg photos and AVI video clips. When I burn the DVD it works fine in the drive of the computer. Putting it in a DVD player throws off a 'DISC ERROR.' I know it's not much to go on. Any ideas? Thanks.
  5. NMPastor

    Background Noise Capturing Audio

    I've got the same problem. Dell Inspiron 17R laptop. Windows 7 64 bit. Roxio 2011, fully updated. Recording in Sound Editor using an xTag USB microphone. When I use the xTag with Microsoft Sound Recorder...no problem. When I use the internal microphone (with updated RealTek driver) and Sound Editor...no problem. I use the xTag with an older laptop running Windows XP and Roxio Sound Editor 2009...no problem. So it sure looks like a Roxio/Windows 7 issue to me.