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    Purchase Price For 2012 Questionable

    Thanks guys for your replies. Appreciate it. Candeek, if you select the US price it will show $99.00 but if you select the Australian price it shows $139.00. I could reconcile the difference in my mind if I was purchasing a boxed version which required shipping but I can't accept that a download is $40.00 more for Australia than it is for US citizens especially when the exchange rate is in our favour. Also, I was not trying to burn Audio CD's, I need to burn pdf's, jpg's, bmp's, ect. Mygucci and Brendan, thanks for your input, I will keep looking for the multiple burners and if I can't find it, then I'll have to apply for a refund. Thanks again though.
  2. I live in Australia and recently purchased the download version of Roxio Creator 2012 from their website. It showed the purchase price to download the product was US$99.00 and offered US$20.00 cash back after purchase. This was good because, at the time, the exchange rate between Australia and the US was AUD$1.00 equaled US$1.05361. This meant the cost of the downloaded product would be about AUD$95.00 so I continued to the checkout where it said I would have to pay AUD$139.00! This is a "download" I thought. I could understand that price if Roxio had to ship it to Australia in a box but this was a download ffs! Due to urgency issues, I paid the money and downloaded the software. I tried to send an email to Roxio to tell them of my disgust at this blatant rip off for overseas purchasers but it appears they don't actually have email. Feedback and inquiries are only catered for by filling out a form on their website where you select a category and type your message (whoopee). Funny how there is no category for blatant rip off's. Not to my surprise, I received an automated reply that had nothing to do with my situation. Notwithstanding the rip off, I now find that Roxio Creator 2012 only burns one disc at a time... wtf? I would have thought that the 2012 version would be able to cater for pc's with multiple burners but apparently not, one has to burn one disc at a time. Very primitive I thought. Wonder if I can get my money back? Roxio, if you're reading this, you have my email address. Email me and let's discuss this person to person (no automated crap). I promise to keep a civil tongue in my head.