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    How To Capture Xbox One Gameplay

    this worked for me.
  2. can anyone recommend a fairly good hdmi to component converter? i saw a bunch of different ones along with diff price points on amazon.. i have both roxio pro and roxio component capture program looking to capture xbox 1 footage
  3. Bizi

    Roxio Old To New Project

    appreciate your time. at this point i guess i will go look through the 15 hours of footage again to find the parts i had pulled out and just start all over again also is it just me or is the pro rather buggy? seems very laggy when i am working on a project. and the memory in my sig is now 16 gig instead of the 4 it says
  4. Bizi

    Roxio Old To New Project

    correct. either doing file open or open production. both of those are giving me the same results when i installed the new software it deleted the old software. it gave me a message saying old had to be deleted due to blah blah blah cant rem the blah lol
  5. Bizi

    Roxio Old To New Project

    one or more of the files you have selected are unsupported or possibly corrupt. you may need additional software support playback of these files. it plays the sound from the file but wont play the video
  6. hey all. i just upgraded from roxio gamecap to roxio gamecap hd pro i had some projects that i had started in the old one and am trying to work with them. when i open up roxio and start up the old project i get this error message
  7. Bizi

    Recording Minecraft

    i went through all of those steps before i posted up because ive seen you copy paste them onto others posts. when i hit f6 absolutely nothing happens in minecraft. as far as i can tell im not running any game accelerator programs.....minecraft is a 16bit graphic game and ive laid a texture pack over it. very similiar texture pack to the one in the youtube video you posted above.
  8. Bizi

    Recording Minecraft

    The program doesnt recognize minecraft at all. everything i read doesnt give a reason as to why not? or a fix for it?
  9. Bizi


    If i want to record both Console or PC gameplay do i need to buy both programs?