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    Apple Prores Qt To Blu Ray - Need Help

    Hello all First post I have a Short film that I am trying to burn to Blu Ray using Toast 10.0.9. The file is Apple ProRes QT 41GB and it runs 30 minutes. I have burned two Blu Rays already One in Mpeg 4 and the sound went off synch the second one burned in synch using Mpeg 2, although I feel the video does not look as good. My QT was generated at a my post house from the color timing session. My concerns/questions are: 1) Why does the 41GB file compress down to 6GB. Is there a way to have the file less compressed? Would it be less compressed in Toast 11? 2) Is there a definitive guide to the best setup for my project? There seems to be an infinite amount of variables when going into custom encoding and each encoding session takes 3-6 hours so I don't want to spend a week experimenting. 3) Should I use Mpeg 2 or Mpeg 4? NAny Help with this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Steve