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    Capture Pc Screen With Audio But Can't Hear Audio Myself

    Yes I have tried searching but most posts I find are about no audio at all. I get audio in the recording but not whilst I am playing. The xbox recoding it absolutely fine, as it should be, sound in recording and live. Tried playing with the settings in bottom right but nothing seems to work. I am using integrated sound.
  2. I know there is a separate pc capture card from Roxio but I have the Roxio HD Pro as I mainly use for Xbox capture. I did however start to try capturing PC gameplay on my laptop. The capture is fine however I cannot hear the real time audio myself. I have my laptop hdmi into roxio then roxio connected to PC via usb cable. I tried using the audio out phono's to headphones but stil not gameplay sound whilst I play, but it does capture it on the recording. Can anyone advise if it is possible to keep my perfect recording setup but also allow me to hear the audio as I play.
  3. I am using overlay to add a webcam of myself over my game capture footage. However there are parts of the video I want to speed up, however when you do this it only speeds up the video, the overlay remains unchanged and therefore out of sync. Is there anway without another piece of software to speed up the overlay at the same point as the video so it remains in sync after the edit?
  4. I am capturing/up loading at 16:9 if I export then upload to YouTube it is fine but if I upload straight from.the program it limits to 480p.
  5. I have recently purchased the HD pro after using the standard for many years however I have found that directly uploading a 1080p video from videowave to youtube downgrades it to 480p maximum available on youtube. If however I save the file first then manually upload it, it is fine in full glorious 1080p HD. Why can't videowave upload it in the correct quality? This is appaulling for bundled software to reduce the quality. Please help, and advise what i am doing wrong or fix the issue. Win7 64bit, 30fps production setting, video captured 1080p, only modification in videowave is a colour panel at the start for the titles.. .
  6. SXFoxstar

    Dockking Media Selector

    This is my setup with the attachment this time
  7. SXFoxstar

    Dockking Media Selector

    This is my current setup.
  8. SXFoxstar

    Dockking Media Selector

    Ah found it thanks. It is set at 96 dpi so is not the issue.
  9. SXFoxstar

    Dockking Media Selector

    Yes I am good with computers but never come across a dpi setting before. I don't have that option in my display settings, even under the Ati graphics settings. Looked in the places I'd expect to find it.
  10. SXFoxstar

    Dockking Media Selector

    Where and how do I set 96 dpi? I saw this in forums but didn't know where to check this?
  11. SXFoxstar

    Dockking Media Selector

    I may have got the patch name wrong, however it is for the game capture for Xbox, I received an auto update today, didn't catch the name of it but thought it stated SP2, may have been mistaken.
  12. I am getting the "it is not possible to dock the media selector at the current display resolution" message. Now reading other post regarding this it states that I need a min of 1024x768 and 32 bit colour to be able to dock. I have tried every resolution from this up to my maximum 1366x768 at 32 bit colour but none will allow me to dock. I have installed the sp2 patch and still no luck , can anyone help please? Win7 HP Laptop.