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  1. It used to work but then when i changed the password it stopped working and saying it was incorrect. oh and i dont know what the old password was
  2. OMG HELP! Hi. I changed my youtube password, but when i go to upload it from the videowave it says my password it wrong! Ive typed it in tons of times and it is correct!
  3. When I download, it all is fine until this pops up at the end.
  4. Z6 RejectzZ

    Error Downloading

    when i download, all goes good untill i reach the end and this happens. IDK WHAT TO DO!!!!!!!!
  5. Z6 RejectzZ

    Error Downloading

    I had some issued so I deleted the program, and now when i try to re-download roxio game capture it goes find untill the end, it says "roxio game capture was interupted. your system has not been motified" PLEASE HELP ME!!!! I already disbaled my anti-virus that did not work!!
  6. Z6 RejectzZ

    Error Downloading

    When i try to download game cap it says the wizard cannont download at this time... PLEASE HELP ME PLEASEEEEEEEE
  7. Z6 RejectzZ


    Um, I have a Windows 7 Untimant Computer and when i click "Record" Its Very Laggy and skips lots of frames, How do i fix that??