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    Sense Key And Sense Code Message

    Thanks for the pointers. Good to know your feeling about Verbatim - this info is hard to get(!) - and the precautions to take. I did get better results in using the slowest speed - x2. Cheers.
  2. nadonou

    Sense Key And Sense Code Message

    Good morning, I have been trying to record photos as a back up set that requires 5 DVDs. This has failed twice on the 2nd and then 3rd disc and the message showing is: Sense key: medium error and Sense code:0x73, 0x03. My feeling is that the fault comes from the discs? Also, I cant read the first disc on my macbook (?) and I feel it might be the recording speed that's at fault (??). I thought of asking the group before changing recording settings... Thank you for any suggestions