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    Dvd Music Disc

    Yes, very sure. I have done more than 20 music DVDs. Very cool, but would be cooler if 24bit audio and bluray is allowed. Please add these to future releases of Roxio! :)
  2. imapcfriend

    Dvd Music Disc

    My bad, you're right SHM-cd's are mastered in 24bit but are still 16bit when ripped from them. I was talking about some audio discs that I have like Queen that are bluray audio that when ripped are 24bit/96khz audio. I have to convert them to 16bit during ripping. I wish the DVD music creator would allow 24bit audio and would allow burning on blu-ray.
  3. imapcfriend

    Dvd Music Disc

    I really enjoy compiling my audio cd's into a music DVD using NXT-1. I love the fact that I can put the title of the song currently playing and the CD art of the album it is from. My only regret is that NXT-1 does not allow 24bit audio to be imported to the program. I have CD's that are mastered in 24bit and to me it sounds better than 16bit that regular cd's are. Does NXT 3 pro allow 24bit audio? If not, can we include 24bit audio in future releases.