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  1. I still can't open My DVD or Videowave, and I really hope that IE8 hasn't broken it as I don't want to have to buy new software. I was perfectly happy with My DVD 8, and don't use it very often so don't really want to spend more money especially as I am a pensioner. Anyone with any ideas?
  2. "Breaks" it?! Oh no. Can it be mended?
  3. No I don't use my laptop for making DVDs, only my desktop. My desktop is set up to automatically install all updates.
  4. Thanks ogdens but from what I can understand I seem to have all the system requirements as I have been using 'My DVD Premier Suite 8' on & off for a few years and have created a few successful DVDs.
  5. As soon as I click on Videowave I just get a pop up window saying that 'VideoWave 8 has encountered a problem and needs to close', and to 'Please tell Microsoft about this problem'. Same thing happens with 'My DVD'. I have not even had a chance to add any video but it is only about 4 minutes long taken with a Sony Camcorder which I have used before. From time to time I do run defrag, and back up all my files to an external drive. Can't remember if I have done anything to my PC in the last year that would affect this software, but I am not a technical person so my use is just mainly just surfing the internet, and sending an occasional email.
  6. I haven't used Roxio for about 12 months but it was working perfectly last time. Looking at some forums, it seems that IE can cause this problem although I really don't understand how. I have IE8, but can't remember when I upgraded. Currently I use Google Chrome as I find it quicker, but IE8 is still on my PC. I need to create a simple DVD using photos and a short video of a Golden Wedding the other day, and they are all waiting to see it! Help! (I have made a few DVDs before, very successfully, using this same software)
  7. Larna

    Dreaded Blue Screen & Pc Crash

    Yes, that did help! Thank you. I changed the theme from the default Brook to Snowman, then PC crashed, as usual, when adding third menu. Then I changed theme to Wedding, and success - I managed to add 3rd & 4th menu. I have one more menu to add (they are all very small), and I was checking that all the correct photos were in the file that I wanted to choose, There are a few photos plus approx 5 short videos that were taken with a normal digital camera, and that I have previously watched via WMP. However, I have just tried to open them in WMP and they begin to play and then WMP immediately shuts down! So I seem to have a new problem. Why would WMP quickly close down when viewing a short video?
  8. Larna

    Dreaded Blue Screen & Pc Crash

    I have probably updated IE & WMP since first installing EMC8, but I successfully added two submenus with photos to a new project in My DVD just before it stopped accepting any more. When the 'Add Media' window opens I notice that some of the thumbnails have a red circle with a red line through. This doesn't happen if I go in through 'My Documents/My Videos'. However the little video that I want to add to 'My DVD' looks OK but the PC crashes as soon as I try to add it.
  9. Larna

    Dreaded Blue Screen & Pc Crash

    I went into Microsoft for solutions to my problem and got them to do a scan of 'Codecs' to see if any were causing a problem. They found that a Codec called 'Indeo audio codec' was problematic & disabled it. I don't know if this is the reason that I cannot even open 'My DVD' now!
  10. Larna

    Dreaded Blue Screen & Pc Crash

    SKNIS, thank you for your response. I did output the production to a MPG2 file following your suggestion as I would never have figured that out myself. I found it in the 'File' menu at the top of Videowave. It completed successfully in about 8 minutes. I then went into My DVD, and tried to add it from 'MY Videos' where the MPG2 had been saved. It appeared briefly on the Menu page of My DVD then the blue screen crash happened again. By the way, when I opened up 'My Videos' in 'My Documents' some of my old MPGs that I have never previously had a problem with, had an icon that was a red circle with a red diagonal line. I don't have many videos on my PC just a handful of very short videos taken with my digital camera. I only make DVDs rarely, usually if there is a family event and they have always played successfully. Mostly I use digital photographs, with just a couple of very short videos and the whole DVD is always less than 1 hour and sometimes less than 30 minutes.
  11. I am trying to make a simple DVD of my first Grandchild's first year. I want 4 menus to divide my photos into 3 monthly sections. Having made 4 Videowave productions of approx 100 photos in each, and not using any audio, I successfully imported the first two productions into My DVD. However, when I try to import either of the next two I get a blue screen crash every time. The productions contain only photos from 2 cameras, and a couple of very short videos from these same cameras. It should have all been a doddle taking hardly any time to put together, but I have been spending all my time trying to solve this problem without success. Any help would be welcome.
  12. I have finally burned a DVD successfully!! .......... and just in time to take with me when visiting relatives. It looks great on TV. I have learned a lot, but also have more to learn. Thanks to everyone who replied, and for your help. The main thing to remember for anyone else new to My DVD is to create each Title in Videowave and then add it to My DVD by clicking on 'Add new Movie'. Please do not try to do what I did, & create everything in My DVD. It will not work. Even if it looks good on a PC, it will not burn successfully if using many images and several audio tracks. This could have saved me hours of time & frustration. I still have the problem of my DVD burner on my desktop not recognising blank discs again, but that is something to tackle another day. 'til the next time - best wishes to all.
  13. Nothing is ever straightforward. I have been out & purchased a memory stick 8GB. When I try to copy the ISO file to it, I get a message saying that the following information may be lost if I continue copying - ':Roxio EMC Stream:$DATA'. I have not continued as I am worried that all my hours of work may be scuppered. Should I be worried?
  14. It says that the device is working properly. I have tried several blanks - Panasonic DVD-R, but neither Roxio nor VLC recognises that there is a disc. I just burned 4 disc this week but some of the content was missing as it was before I created the Titles using Videowave. This seems to be an intermittent fault with this Driver as it has happened before (see earlier posts), but I don't know why it corrected itself. I did wonder if other things going on with my PC may affect it, such as Windows updates. I have just thought of a possible solution to my immediate problem, but I don't know how to carry it through. I have a DVD burner on my laptop, and I have the saved ISO file on my Desktop. Do I just go out & buy a memory stick big enough to take the ISO, and then burn it using my laptop? I'm running out of time.
  15. PS My burner isn't recognising any blank DVDs any more.