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  1. There is a similar discussion on the Audio Capture forum. I am running Windows 7 64-bit on AMD processor. When I start the Roxio Media Import tool, there are a series of audible clicks, sounds like a horse galloping. The clicks occur every time I switch between video capture devices. They also occur at the beginning of capture and after I have completed the capture. The clicks occur whether I'm capturing or not, but starting and stopping a capture seems to initiate a new sequence. One solution offered in the Audio Capture forum is to set the sample rate and bit depth to CD Quality instead of DVD quality. I have a Roxio USB capture device, and it appears I can't modify the setting from the Line Properties, as they are grayed out (see attachment). Since the audible clicks occur whether I'm capturing or not, and regardless of what capture device I have selected, it seems this might be a software bug. Please advise.