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  1. Unfortunately no log files are being created during install. Is there some step I am missing to turn the creation of them on? Thanks
  2. I've had Roxio installed forever and it has always worked fairly well. But when trying to capture from my video camera a few days ago it would error out. Sorry don't still have the error messages. Figured it would be the easiest thing to do... a simple reinstall. HA! Oh well. Tried to install over the top of the old...nope wouldn't do it. So logically speaking a clean install should fix it.
  3. Actually according to the software it supposedly monitors installations as well. In this case it was able to get further into the install of the Roxio than without it. All other installation executables work fine, so I'm not convinced there isn't still an issue with Roxio.
  4. Well I was able to get it uninstalled after many hours of trying and retrying. Now using the revo to reinstall it, it will hang at about 95% with no error messages. Does the same thing trying to install normally sometimes. Other times the installation executable won't respond.
  5. Trying to reinstall EMC9 but when it gets to the point that it wants to uninstall Drag to Disk it cant find the installation files and aborts the removal of Drag to Disk and thus EMC9. I've also tried just removing Drag To Disk through the control panel with the same result. It is looking for a pft5458.tmp file How can I get around this to reinstall the main program?