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  1. Polish Martyr

    A Few Problems

    I have been trying to work without having the roxio game capture recording program picking up the sound and using Audacity instead but it is just very difficult to line up the sound with the video.
  2. Polish Martyr

    A Few Problems

  3. Polish Martyr

    A Few Problems

    In the last image I posted you would have seen that it didnt.
  4. Polish Martyr

    A Few Problems

    NO. Nothing else shows up there except many cams mic and another mic setup. RGC sound is always appearing when I check recording devices. I have to go and set it to "listen to device" for it to show up in the mixer.
  5. Polish Martyr

    A Few Problems

    I do believe I solved the screen from flickering.
  6. Polish Martyr

    A Few Problems

    I went to device manager, went to both the sound devices named Roxio GAMECAP, and clicked uninstall. Then I placed the usb cord back into place to reinstall the device again, I also went and placed the disk back so I can run a repair. I run my computer on High Performance if that is what you are asking about power settings.
  7. Polish Martyr

    A Few Problems

    yes it shows both being there. I did uninstall them both and reinstalled them but I got the same results. Thank you for replying.
  8. Polish Martyr

    A Few Problems

    I have a few problems recording with the roxio game capture. One being the horrible lag spikes I get at times where it seems that the video has paused but then all of a sudden audio and video seem to go as if someone hit fast forward on a remote. I am running this on a laptop that is about four to five years old. AMD Turion X2 Duel-Core Mobile RM-70 2.00 GHz and 4GB RAM. At times my television screen will flicker I am also having a problem where I cannot set my audio input to the Roxio Capture device. I know it works since I am able to use a seperate program to record from that source of audio.
  9. Thank you, was not exactly sure if it would work since all I have currently is the splitter cable.
  10. I was using the the splitter cable hooked up to my Triton 720 headsets for console and I was attempting to capture my commentary. 1. Now does the Roxio GameCap able to capture everyone elses voice or is it not able to capture anyones voice? 2. I been testing out my microphone headset setup with the splitter cable and my voice can be hardly heard and I am able to capture everyone elses voice just perfect. Now if the Roxio GameCap able to capture my friends voices, is there a way I can prevent my voice recording from picking up my friends voices?
  11. Polish Martyr

    Voice Recording With Triton 720

    That means I have to get a splitter cable and a new mic and sound outlet right?
  12. Hello. Let me first apologize if this has already been made into a topic an answered. I am kind of busy at the moment so I am making a quick post. I am looking to buy the Roxio gamecapture device and was looking up seeing how to record your own voice with this device. Unfortunately all of these videos are microphones that are somewhat different from mine. I am currently using a Triton 720 headset. I was wondering what sort of cords or things I must do to record my own voice.