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    Toast project file conversion

    I just found out that Toast 16 (and 11-15 I think) will NOT open previous versions project files, meaning the project is incapable of burning a replacement DVD. The project is "lost" as far as what the Corel representative said. He also said that earlier versions of the software cannot be installed because they won't run with the latest versions of MacOS. So Corel is not helpful at all, and I can't believe a company makes software that couldn't even read previous versions of project files and convert them. Is anyone aware of a 3rd party program/service/utility that can convert old Toast files (7-10) into Quicktime, iso, disc, or any other format that I can then burn replacement DVDs?
  2. Monty Lee

    Toast 11 Won't Open .disc Files

    I've been told by Corel (Roxio) that from 11 on, Toast will NOT open earlier files, nor will it even try to convert them. Toast 16 (current Mac version) won't even attempt to open older files. Essentially Corel told me all my projects (family discs) are all "lost" with no way to recover them because earlier versions of Toast will not run on the later versions of MacOS. How stupid is a company that can't even convert older versions of its own software projects. Unbelievable. No warning, no notice, nothing.
  3. Monty Lee

    Needs Administrator Password Hang-Up

    PIece of garbage software with respect to registration and customer support!
  4. Monty Lee

    Needs Administrator Password Hang-Up

    Downloaded the most recent update (11.1 1063) for the Mac. Ran it and it verified my TSID registration and brought up the next screen that asks about additional software. The only option is "Toast It and Mount It" with a check box. Regardless if the box is CHECKED or NOT CHECKED, "Finish" remains dim. It says "An administrator password is required for installation" on the dialog setup screen, but I am the only user and an administrator on my MacBook Pro. It gives me no screen to enter my password, and if I select Quit, Toast quits. How do I fix this? Nothing in the FAQs or Knowledgebase for this subject, and no support available from Roxio/Corel.
  5. Monty Lee

    Result codes?

    I can't get any help at all from Roxio support, so maybe someone on this forum knows where Roxio hid the information on what the result codes mean. For a VIDEO_TS file I'm trying to transfer to my iPod, I get: Couldn't complete the last command becuase of a Mac OS Error. Result Code = -50 I searched the knowledgebase (what a joke) and there is nothing under "result code", "error code" or any oher combinaton. I found MacOS X error codes online, but according to Apple, error code -50 is "Error in user parameter list." The program has failed to pass a required parameter. OK, so how is Popcorn 2 screwing up and how do I fix it? Worthless HELP option in Popcorn trying to figure out what is wrong. So has anyone seen this and how do you fix it? Monty
  6. Monty Lee

    Popcorn 2 VIDEO_TS problems

    I am trying to convert some VIDEO_TS files to iPod videos. Two of the VIDEO_TS files were created by RIPPING a DVD. Two were created by me (home movies). In all cases, dragging the VIDEO_TS file to Popcorn 2 results in: The source VIDEO_TS folder appears to be damaged. That's it. Popcorn 2 won't read the file. It won't read the VOBs. However, every other program (except Toast) can read the VIDEO_TS file and convert it, and I tried about a dozen. It plays fine also. So what is the trick to get Popcorn 2 to read a VIDEO_TS file? Thanks. Monty