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  1. Annie@Corel

    Small Issue

    Hello Michael, Can you send a private msg with your email address and a brief description of the issue you need warranty support for, and we'll get a case created? Thanks! Annie
  2. Annie@Corel

    Creator 2012 Rebate Scam

    Hi there - sorry for the poor experience you've had with your rebate and support. I should definitely be able to give you a hand resolving this - please let me know if you'd like me to get in touch with you directly to assist. Annie
  3. Annie@Corel

    Spin Doctor

    Hi there - can you let me know your order # and I'll look into the refund request? Annie
  4. Annie@Corel

    Can't Log In To The Roxio Community?

    Hi - just wanted to let you know I've escalated and a 2nd-level technician will be in touch with you shortly! Please keep me posted if there's any further issue and I'll do my best to make sure your case is sorted out. Annie
  5. Annie@Corel

    Can't Log In To The Roxio Community?

    Hi Elquetzal - sorry for the frustration you've experienced accessing support and the forum! I would be happy to get someone in touch with you ASAP with regards to your support cases if you would like. Just let me know Annie
  6. Annie@Corel

    Forum Upgrade!

    Hi All, Just a quick note to say we will be upgrading the Forum on Wednesday, May 16th at 4 am - downtime for the community will be approx 1 hour. Thanks, Annie