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  1. Wow- thanks a lot everyone! Very solid advice all the way around. I'll let you know if it doesn't work.
  2. Actually, I'm beginning to think that my problem is in Creator 2012 itself. When I try and open Video Wave, it now crashes, or it with simply freeze. Additionally, I now cannot get the Audio burner to see that there is a disk in the drive. Yet, my standard Windows media player will burn a CD and my standard Windows DVD maker will burn normally to the same drive. As I said earlier, I have uninstalled Rocio Creator 2012 and reinstalled it, but the problem remains. I'm wondering if my Creator 2012 disk itself had a buggy program on it. It worked in my desired capacity exactly twice. BTW, the original file in question is 5:32:33 in length and 17.8 gb, but now I cannot get Video Wave to work, so I cannot even call up a smaller file to test.
  3. The computer was serviced this week and had 311Gb space on one drive and 707 Gb on the other. It has a twice weekly total system scan done including optimize of space. The "movies" in question are non-copywritten personal videos. Format is mpeg2 converted from .avi. see attached Thank you for your reply. Sorry for not using computer speak- it is not what I do. DxDiag.txt
  4. When attempting to bur a large movie to a double density disk, using Creator 12, Windows 7 on a PC, the encoding process gets to about 98% done and then stops and gives the message "An unrecoverable device error occured. Error while encoding Movie 1" I've done a lot to try and run this one down- Creator 12 worked just fine on several other movies of similar length and format, but suddenly just stopped. So far I have uninstalled all other movie and video burning software, uninstalled Creator 12 and then reloaded it, checked for updates and even gone as far as to have a new DVD burner installed... still the same issue. Any suggestions?
  5. New to the site, but came over from Creator 2010, my op.sys. is Win7. Here's my question; when doing Copy/Convert from Youtube, I select the "Web Video" source and the Web Video window opens and commands to Start Browser and run video. I do that and in the Web Video window the selected video thumbnail appears. The problem is, if I don't choose to do anything with that video, the thumbnail does not go away. If I close the program, it simply comes back the next time I open it and go to Copy/Convert and choose web. Is there a way to delete that video thumbnail?