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  1. Chook

    Videowave - No Audio In M2Ts File

    Double grrrrhhh! After getting most of Creator back (CinePlayer has now gone AWOL), cycling round Repair, and the odd system restore, I am still at a stage where there is no audio on my mts files in VideoWave! Having torn enough hair out over the past week, I'm calling it quits and have requested a refund - I have received an email to say that the refund has been generated, so once I see the $$s back in my account I'll be off to download Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD 11 (Platinum). Thanks for all your help guys, and I'm just a wee bit sad that it didn't all work out Cheers IanB
  2. Chook

    Videowave - No Audio In M2Ts File

    Hi guys I've taken Steve's advice and done a moderate Revo uninstall, reinstall ..... and as a result, I'm now up to the Critical Registry Files Needed part .... Jim, following your thread with SonicBoom on the Program Errors/Crashes/Hangs forum, I'll give the RegFix_C2012PRO.zip a go and report back. And Dan, I'm not too concerned about personal files on this machine, as it's my portable, and anything mission critical is on my desktop (and backed up to an external drive). So I've still got the option of doing System Restores if need be. Grrrh! This is turning into quite a mission! Hope it's all worthwhile ..... I wouldn't have made it this far without all of your generous help! Cheers IanB
  3. Chook

    Videowave - No Audio In M2Ts File

    Thanks for the confirmation Joca - looks like I'll be doing a bit of uninstall/reinstalling tonight. Fingers crossed! Cheers IanB
  4. Chook

    Videowave - No Audio In M2Ts File

    Just one more question before I go down the uninstall/reinstall path:rolleyes: For those who have reported the presence of an audio track on the mts clip I provided, do any of you have JUST Creator installed on your computer? (i.e. no other video editing/converting etc software) The reason I ask is I'd like to be convinced that Creator 2012 Pro itself has the capability of detecting mts audio tracks in VideoWave - rather than being "assisted" by codecs from other sources? In my case, I have no other video editing software loaded (aside from Windows Live Movie Maker, and VLC player). Just a thought .... Cheers IanB
  5. Chook

    Videowave - No Audio In M2Ts File

    Thanks Steve I have the full Creator 2012 Pro ... and enough said about the earlier version (Creator 10) that I had peviously loaded! No additional codecs have been added (to my knowledge), and it's not a case of low or muted audio settings in Windows... The audio on this laptop is a mix of Intel HD and Conexant SmartAudio HD .... not sure how the 2 are supposed to interact. I understand that the 2 videos (Intel HD Graphics, and the nVIDIA 310M) function with the Intel first, and the nVIDIA kicks in when demand requires it. The drivers are now up to date, with no improvement to my original problem. So, I'll take your advice and try the Revo uninstaller. That'll be a job for tomorrow. Are you suggesting that I use Revo to uninstall Creator 2012 Pro (and any residual stuff), rather than Creator's own uninstall first followed by Revo? Something I have noticed this time round is that in my registry settings, there is no Sonic folder in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE directory .... I'm sure there was before I uninstalled Creator 2012, so should I be worried?! There are Roxio, SmartSound and Sonic ones in the HKEY_CURRENT_USER folder. Cheers IanB
  6. Chook

    Videowave - No Audio In M2Ts File

    Well that's reassuring news Jim. That then leads me to suspect my particular installation, rather than Roxio. At this stage, I guess a full & frank admission is required - I had previously installed Roxio Creator 10 on this machine, and had done my best to uninstall it completely before installing 2012 Pro. With the VideoWave failure, I then uninstalled 2012 Pro, erased all Roxio files, erased all Roxio & Sonic registry folders and reinstalled 2012 Pro - with no improvement, as you know Do you know of any likely conflicts, stray registry entries that may be causing my problem? A long shot, but any suggestions welcomed!
  7. Chook

    Videowave - No Audio In M2Ts File

    I would've thought that mts/m2ts format is fairly standard for AVCHD, as Sony/Panasonic created the beast? And Roxio Creator can import AVCHD? [btw I am using a dedicated camcorder for video - not a camera] Why should I have to go through a long and tedious process of file format conversion before I can start working?!! Certainly doesn't make sense to me, when Windows Live Movie Maker is perfectly capable of handling these files (with audio!) on this machine. (Please excuse me if I sound grumpy :-)) I have uploaded a 4-second clip for you to play with: http://www.mediafire.com/?bh56tzitkn9ncpu Cheers
  8. Chook

    Videowave - No Audio In M2Ts File

    The problem appears to be the presence of audio, rather than the level. As far as I can tell, "Edit Volume Envelope" doesn't help :-( But thanks for pointing me towards that feature anyway :-) I'm attaching screenshots of an m2ts audio file in the Audio Editor, and from a .mov file shot off my trusty Panasonic TZ5 camera. The m2ts one is absolutely blank to my eyes. [i should add that it is only the mts/m2ts files from my Sony camcorder that are affected - other avi, mov and wmv files work fine] The same m2ts files can be imported and edited (with singing dancing sound) in Windows Live Movie Maker on this very same machine, so I'm pretty darned convinced that the lack of audio within VideoWave is strictly a Roxio/Corel problem. I'm strongly tempted to demand a refund and get Sony Vegas Movie Studio, which is what I had almost done - my past history of using Roxio Creator 10 unfortunately swayed my decision! What I can't figure is why CineEditor can play the audio, but VideoWave can't. Surely a common set of codecs are being accessed by both??
  9. I have just purchased and installed Creator Pro 2012 specifically to process HD video from my Sony HDR-SR8E camcorder. The m2ts (or mts) files play with audio in CinePlayer, as well as in VLC player and Windows Media Player. However, when I import them into VideoWave to edit, there is no audio at all. Displaying the native audio track and trying to edit it in Audio Editor reveals only a flat line, confirming the lack of audio. Any suggestions what's going on? I have tried using DivX Plus Converter to convert files to mkv Plus HD files, but this has no effect (still no audio). My system is an Asus K52JC, i5 M430 2.27 Ghz, Win 7 64 bit Home Premium, nVIDIA GeForce 310M with 1GB (plus the onboard Intel HD graphics)