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    Pixilation Question

    Hey guys, I've been using Roxio 11 toast to burn dvd's that have slide shows on them. The problem is all of my custom written text comes out pixilated on the burned dvd. If i were to burn my slides on a HD dvd would this solve the problem?
  2. The_Goat

    Web Video Capturing Issues

    Thanks tsantee, Unfortunately neither one or any combination of the suggestions you gave worked. Any other ideas?
  3. The_Goat

    Web Video Capturing Issues

    Hey guys, I recently purchased Toast 11 mostly for its web video capturing ability. The first time I used this feature I had no problem capturing the video I wanted. A few days later however, I tried the same ( and several different) videos. None of which now even show up the Roxio web capturing box. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Toast 11 with no success. Any ideas on what may be wrong and how to fix it?