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  1. drrthree

    H.264 Best For Avchd Conversion

    Thank you tsantee!
  2. drrthree

    H.264 Best For Avchd Conversion

    Should I convert my AVCHD (.m2ts) files to H.264 to get the best quality or 1080i? I will import the files into iMovie '11 for editing and then burn to Blu-ray.
  3. drrthree

    Blu-Ray Burner

    Problem solved! Being a newbie, I did not know that you could daisy chain FireWire devices. OWC does recommend the use of FireWire 800 or eSATA for Blu-Ray burning. I used my external HDD as a pass through device for the burner and everything works great now. Finally!!
  4. drrthree

    Blu-Ray Burner

    Still no luck with the OWC Mercury Blu-Ray Burner connected via USB. Still getting stuck on "Writing Lead-In..." for an hour now.
  5. drrthree

    Blu-Ray Burner

    Thanks tsantee! I will give that a try after work. The drive is connected directly to the Mac and not through a USB hub.
  6. drrthree

    Blu-Ray Burner

    OWC says that the burner should work when connected via USB. The System Profiler does see the Blu-Ray burner. When I hit the burn button, the encoder works, then the memory cache, and then the writing lead-in is where it stops and just sits there. I then have to do a force quit to unlock Toast.
  7. drrthree

    Blu-Ray Burner

    I have an OWC Mercury Pro Blu-Ray burner (Pioneer) and Toast 11 is not able to burn disks when connected to my iMac via USB. Will the new update version 11.1 address this issue? I am able to burn when connected via Firewire 800. I am really hoping to be able to use the USB connection.