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    Cant Capture U Tube Video

    Hi Jim I have been using the links as listed...the Roxio Creator 2012 Video that all have said they can download..but still no success. Also followed a link to download assistance and downloaded a plug in for downloads...this works fine but this works for Firefox but still not working for Video Copy and convert
  2. RayBC

    Cant Capture U Tube Video

    Hi Guys Well having read all attached info I still cannot copy web video....I have tried using IE and FF browsers...also used the repair option on Creator 2012...switched of all start up programmes...temp disabled McAffee Security Suite Scan/Firewall. I have contacted Tech support but that's even a nightmare..for going to support option it asks to create an account...with doing that it says that my e-mail is already listed...so use sign in account...when doing that and log in it its says that e-mail is not registered...so I cant win!!. Can anyone advise where to from here...my system is a Dell Inspiron 530s..Intel ®core 2CPU..4400 @ 2.00 GHZ...2GB RAM...32 bit op system running Windows Vista..Home Premium. I purchased and downloaded Creator 2012 directly from Roxio about 2 wks ago...when I first tried Video Copy & Convert I managed to download 2 x 5 min videos...but that's been it...have tried to repeat but nothing...so would appreciate any advice Regards Ray