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    Easy Vhs To Dvd

    Thanks for all the replys. I am in the process of updateing every thing on the computer. It has just been sitting for a while. I just didn't want to tie up my laptop while I was copying. I'll let you know how I make out after I get the updates done. Nancy
  2. feathers3

    Vhs To Dvd3 Plus

    Yes the tape plays well on the tv. I had to unplug the red wire because of the loud humming. I tried to record the tape last night. It seemed to record ok but never finished !! Nothing was burnt to the disk.
  3. feathers3

    Vhs To Dvd3 Plus

    I checked the wiring and it is was correct. tried the dvd player and it played well I had to unplug the red wire and it worked but the picture is all grainy, is there anything you can do about that? Thanks for your help, Nancy
  4. I hope you can help me, I am about to go crazy and that is easy for a lady my age. lol I just purchases vhs to dvd3 plus and have followed directions to the letter as to how to set it up and install software. I get a no video signal and a loud humming with the sound in the background. The sound goes off and on. My VCR is an RCA Model VR329 My Computer is HP Compaq dc 7100 SFF X86 based Running XP Pro