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  1. Yesterday when I was attempting to use This software to burn a DVD, I came back to my PC to discover that CyberLink PowerDVD had activated and appeared to be playing my video. Today I discovered it was burning the DVD. I had stopped it and the DD is incomplete. Also I do not know if it would do a fit to DVD" or utilize Roxio elected options. I am really puzzled. JP
  2. When I loaded the install disc, it did not afford my the option to do a repair, probably because I had installed the March 2014 update patch. I therefor allowed a removal/re-install and the applied the patch again. I then opened the project, edited the header and trailer areas inserted different brand DVD, selected DVD output and attempted to burn. The Burn Button did not highlight and no burn was possible. Is it possible that 2hours 4 minute duration is to large to write onto the disc even though the "make fit" option was selected? TIA JP
  3. I just attempted to do a direct conversion to DVD and it did not work. I think WIN 8 has made NERO software the default software for burning disc. I left my PC alone while the capture was taking place and NERO was actively play the video; no DVD was created. Will this problem be too difficult for me to handle? JP
  4. Thank you for the response. After stopping the capture I clicked the ready to export arrow, selected the DVD icon, place a new DVD-R in my reader. The burn button did not light up and would not activate. JP
  5. I have Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus and I have been able to copy videos directly to DVDs. My current Tape is too long for one DVD, so I decided to split the videos. I was able to watch the video while it was recording, edit it afterwards, add a menu and save it as an 8.0 KB VHS file. I named the project after recording it when I was unable to burn it to disc. The question is, did I do something wrong that prevents me to burn it to disc or is there a software/driver problem? TIA JP
  6. justphilip

    Trouble Shooting Easy Vhs To Dvd 3 Plus On New Pc

    Thank you for your patience. I did try to follow you instructions! WIN 8 is different from WIN 7; labels and locations are not the same. I had to contacted The Geek Squad and of course they won't show you locations, you must let them fix it, so I did. Point in case, your word "disc" did you mean C:\ or the DVD drive? Neither had the desired references. Thanks aain JP
  7. justphilip

    Trouble Shooting Easy Vhs To Dvd 3 Plus On New Pc

    I do not see any reference to drivers - what folder name should I be looking for? Is it possible that WIN 8 has the information hidden? TIA
  8. justphilip

    Trouble Shooting Easy Vhs To Dvd 3 Plus On New Pc

    Here is what a right click of my disc displays (se attached pics):
  9. justphilip

    Trouble Shooting Easy Vhs To Dvd 3 Plus On New Pc

    When I right clicked on "This PC', I found that I am using a 64 bit O/S system type. In searching "This PC", I could not find my operating system versions of the divers to open. I am not very knowledgeable o PC O/S. So I did a Search on the c:\ drive a found various VIEOCAP... see attached picture. TIA
  10. justphilip

    Trouble Shooting Easy Vhs To Dvd 3 Plus On New Pc

    Question on the repair steo using my original DVD; I had update this software earlier this week and instead of getting a repair option, I was given the option to uninstall the newer version and reinstall the older version from the DVD. Is this what I need to do? TIA JP
  11. justphilip

    Trouble Shooting Easy Vhs To Dvd 3 Plus On New Pc

    I just had a thought! I had installed Roxio Creator 2012 onto this PC only to learn hat it as not compatible with WIN ; I de-installed it. Could the Rxio Video Capture be a residual of that software package? JP
  12. justphilip

    Trouble Shooting Easy Vhs To Dvd 3 Plus On New Pc

    Here is a snap shot of the Device Manager files when the VCR is plugged in a USB port. Other than showing the device manager info, I do not understand what else post # 2 s directing me to do. JP
  13. justphilip

    Trouble Shooting Easy Vhs To Dvd 3 Plus On New Pc

    Thanks for the response. Roxio Video Capture USB disappeared from the "Sound, video and game" and "Other Deices" controllers list when the VCR was disconnected from the USB port. JP
  14. I have used this product in the past on my old PC with VISTA! Since then I have replaced my old PC with a faster 4 processor model (AMDA8-5500 APU w/Radeon D Graphics,3.20GHz, 32GB am) under WIN 8.1. When I recently tried to use the software, I fail to obtain PC to VCR recognition. Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus did update when I activated it. I tried to verify that the VCR hardware was listed in the installed hardware list - not found. I am on my fourth VCR, so I do not feel that I have an inoperative VCR. The USB port I am using works with other devices, so I do not feel that is my problem area - this USB port is not one of the special (?) USB ports in the rear of my PC. The cable connecting the PC to the VCR is the original that came with the software. I also confirmed he compatibility of this software with WIN 8.1 - it is. I am at a loss as to where next to direct my attention next! Any guidance would be appreciated. TIA JP.
  15. justphilip

    Blue Screen Abend On Cd Load

    I now believe I was wrong on my assumption of PowerDVD10 causing the crash. When the Music CD is loading the Roxio/CD symbol appears at the bottom of my screen, so I now think it is a Roxio/Win 8 conflict. I reviewed PowerDVD 10 and 12, both are compatible with win 8. Thanks for your response.