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    Cds More Than 74 Minutes

    David - You have come across an interesting bug in Toast which fortunately can be fixed by removing the toast plist files. It appears that when writing audio to a 650MB CD-RW media, Toast does not completely refresh the default component back to the expected 703MB size upon quitting the Toast project. This problem also occurs with mini CD-R's (185MB). Once Toast writes to the media, the media size(650) then becomes the default limit for the next project. With mini CD-R (185MB) media the new project limit becomes a 185MB, placing the CD markers in Toast about every 20 minutes. This is surely a Toast problem with no simple fix other than to remove the plist files from the User/Preferences folder. As you mentioned, the 650MB CD-R media are not as common these days which I'm sure has to do with not being able to reproduce and resolve your issue. This issue has now been noted and expedited to the Roxio Team. Hopefully you won't have to wait until Toast 12 for a fix : )
  2. BJacks

    Toast 11.1.072 Crashing In Lion On Hitting "burn" Button

    It sounds like you may have conflicting toast preferences. Try the following steps to remove your preferences. - Quit Toast - Mouse click on the "Go" menu and then click the "Option" key - Select the "Library" option - Scroll down and select the "preferences" folder - Remove the 2 "com.roxio.Toast" files - Remove the Roxio Toast preferences - Close the folders and re-install Toast. Hopefully refreshing your preferences will resolve your issue.
  3. BJacks

    Cd-Text Not Getting Written To Audio Cd

    Writing cd-text appears to be working well for me. Mind you that not all CD Players support reading cd-text. If you created a CD in Toast which displays the CD track names and CD-Text was checked, you can confirm the cd-text by doing the following steps. -Mount the CD created in Toast -Launch your "Terminal" from the "Applications/Utilities folder -Type the following string including the space: drutil cdtext -Click the return key If in fact the CD contains no cd-text, it will be indicated in the return string, otherwise you will see an expanded list of information in which you will see the CD track names.
  4. BJacks

    What Does This Error Message Mean?

    This error indicates that the DVD media is having problems with the data it is receiving. You might want to try to lower your burn speed in Toast by doing the following. -Insert a blank disc into the burner. -Select "Recorder Settings" from the "Recorder" menu. -Under the "Basic" tab click on the "Write Speed" menu. Select the lowest speed available presented in bold text. At some point you can select higher speeds to accommodate your media type. Outside of these steps, your media may not be compatible with your burner. Verbatim -R media is my preference.
  5. If you are certain that your video files are all NTSC, then the next thing to do would be to verify your Toast preference Video setting. You would need to select Preferences from the Toast Titanium menu. Select the Video tab and confirm the settings in the Video Settings column. If the PAL option is selected, change it to NTSC.
  6. BJacks

    Toast 11.1 And Managment Of Image File .sd2F

    It's unfortunate that the mounting of an sd2f file doesn't work as expected. However there is an option which will allow an sd2f file to mount as a CD volume. Simply select the "Mount Disc Image" option from the "Utilities" menu and select the sd2f file. After clicking the Open button Toast will mount the file as a CD disc volume.
  7. BJacks

    Rip Cd To Flac File

    drdeputy - Make sure you are actually in the Convert format. From the Convert format is a drop down menu from where you would select the "Audio" project. Drag your CD or audio files which you would like to convert. Click the Convert button located in the lower right of the toast app. The dialog window which appears will allow you to select the FLAC output from the Format drop down menu. You may also select the destination to where you want the FLAC files saved. Clicking the "Open" button will begin saving the files. As for the CD Names - If you are attempting to get CD track names from a compilation CD you may not have any luck. Most CD recognition comes from a pressed commercial CD. Track names and pauses would have to be identical to a commercial pressed disc. By chance, are your CD track names recognized in iTunes?
  8. You may need to provide us with the step by step instruction you did to create your blu-ray disc. Creating a bu-ray disc should be as easy as selecting the Blu-ray Video project located in the drop down menu of the Video format (I'm assuming you have the Toast blu-ray plug-in installed). Drag your video file to the content area. You may add disc options from the Toast Media Browser and then burn to a blu-ray disc which should play fine in your PS3 or any other BD player.
  9. BJacks

    Burn Speed

    To adjust the proper burn speeds Toast needs to recognize a mounted blank media. From the Recorder Settings located in the Record menu you would select the Write Speed menu located under the "Basic" tab. With the blank media inserted into the drive Toast will display the supported write speeds in bold text. The write speeds displayed in italics or as unbold are unsupported speeds which will not be used by Toast. If you are selecting write speeds prior to inserting the blank media, Toast will default to "Best" and attempt to write the maximum speed which the media can handle.
  10. BJacks

    Re-Ordering Clips In Dvd-Video

    There a 3 toast preference files which should be removed from the User/Library/Preference folder to completely reset toast. -com.roxio.Toast.plist -com.roxio.Toast.LSSharedFileList.plist -Roxio Toast Prefs Often there may be a backup toast preferences located in the ~/library/preference folder. You should only need to remove the user/library/ toast preference. As for the dragging the file position. Instead of highlighting the file prior to dragging it. Simply click the pointer into any empty white space of the file (just behind the track name) and drag up or down until you see the black line appear. The black line marks the position of where the file will be relocated. Repositioning files appears to be working for me as well.
  11. It appears that changes made to the Advanced Audio Toast preference are being ignored once they are saved. This is surely an unfortunate issue. However since an updater was just released recently, I doubt that this issue get fixed anytime soon if at all. The work around I would suggest is to use "Save As" instead. When changes are made to the "gain", "Save As" allows you to re-save by replacing the saved file.
  12. BJacks

    Files Names Using Custom Hybrid & Audio

    If I'm understanding you correctly it sounds like you want to create a disc where audio will play when mounted in any CD player as well as contain data which can be read on a PC or Mac, or maybe even both. In Toast is an Audio format option in the pull down menu named "Enhanced Audio CD". To simplify the disc it seems you want to create try the following: 1. First select Data format. If you want to share data on the Mac and PC select "Mac&PC" from the pull down menu. Otherwise select Mac only for Mac platforms. Add your data to the content area. 2.Select Audio format and chose "Enhanced Audio CD". Drag the audio files you wish to include to the content area. You may either burn to disc or save as a Toast disc image. This format will write the audio as the first session and the data as a second session. I hope this resolves your issue or at least simplifies your steps.
  13. BJacks

    Select Video Device Failed

    Please walk us through your exact steps. Are you attempting to capture via NTSC or PAL? You may want to verify that your connections (HDMI/Component) run from the PS3 to the Input of the Game Capture device and from the output of Game Capture device to the TV. Then connect your usb cable to the system. If this fails, unplug the USB and reboot the system. Connect your USB cable and let us know if this resolves your issue.
  14. BJacks

    Edit & Share Problem

    When the Edit/Share option is selected, a third party application is attempting to launch called VideoWave. This is the app that allows the editing of selected or captured video files. You mention that the app begins loading but nothing happens. We will need more information about your system and the capture device you have (computer, ram, OS, etc). While attempting to load, does the VideoWave welcome screen launch at all?
  15. tsantee -Mac2TiVo 1.2.0. I have a version 1.2.1 from somewhere but it doesn't matter because Mac2TiVo doesn't work with either Lion or Mountain Lion. I have the Mac2Tivo 1.2.1 app which does allow me to select and play video files from my "Tivo series 2" when selected. I'm curious to understand what issues you've experienced with Mac2Tivo. From OS 10.8.2 after entering the Media Access Key I can go to my Tivo, scroll down to the bottom of the Playlist and select my computer name which displays the videos from the folder which was dragged into the Mac2Tivo content area. I have not tried this in OS 10.7, but it works well for me in OS 10.8.2.