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  1. Hey, Everytime i open Roxio Gaming Capture and click capture the program does not respond please help and here is an attachment of my system information http://i1247.photobucket.com/albums/gg637/CompetitiveILic/snapshot.jpg
  2. Yes, i updated all my audio card/chips yesterday, so that should be all good. and here is the screen capture you asked for. any help to you? Also i worked out that the installion keeps rolling back when it hits 'Rolling back Microsoft.Net v3.5 SP1' snapshot.xml
  3. Manufacturer : Dell, Model : N5030 intelpentium,2.3GHz RAM 4BG 64-bit operating,Windows 7 any help to you?
  4. Hey, Everytime i am installing roxio gaming and get the installation interrupted and is just wondering why? i have all the requirements for it and even the icon appears on my desktop then just fails, help?