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  1. Hi, having issues burning a MyDVD project authored in Videowave to either a disc or Iso image using movie clips created by a Panasonic TM10 which has previously been successful. Clips have been trimmed and audio levels adjusted, menus and chapters have been applied in MyDVD. Getting random lockups (freezs) and one error message report (8004520c while encoding movie 1). The software is no longer burning anything! I want to update the software to see if theres any updates available to resolve my problem, but the check update function (Software Manager) indicates there either a problem with my internet connection or the the FLEXNet Connect Servers are currently unavailable. My internet is fully fuctional so can only gues sthe servers are offline or not reachable (Some of the Support links dont work either). Error 404. I have tried this thoughout today but no luck, has anyone else experienced update issues? Using Roxio 2012 version 13.5; build 1359B90A. Windows 7 x64, i5-2300 @ 2.80 GHz, > 300 GB free disc space. Project settings were configured to burn to SD DVD, fit to disc. Just hangs when trying to encode anything... Any thoughts.
  2. Update: Over the weekend tried many recording options to resolve my problem and didn't really come to any firm conclusion other than there's something about my clips and trimming that Roxio doesn't like. I can successfully create an iso (4 or 8 gig) as long as I don't use auto generated chapters. If I set chapters at regular intervals, say 10 mins, all works fine. I even created another project with 2 mp4 clips downloaded off YouTube to test and it worked fine with auto chapters, so it's something peculiar with my project setup. I also tried combinations with my AV (MSE) turned on and off, didn't make the slightest difference. Life's too short to pursue further, I'll spend my time manually adding chapters rather than faulting the product. What is irritating is that the product "validates" the project, yet does not indicate an error. Only when the encoding is complete and the application tries to encode menus does it fail.
  3. Thanks Jim and Walt for the suggestions, I will experiment some more. To aid understanding of my issue, my workflow for this project was (maybe not the best but you learn by your mistakes); 1. Created movie clips using my Panasonic tmc10. 2. The movie clips were copied to pc and imported into video wave. 3. Review movie in timeline mode, splitting where scenes changed. 3. Trimmed each segment in video wave to remove unwanted footage (start and end of clip). 4. Applied audio enhancement to some of the clips where narration levels were low. 5. Applied transition between scenes, except between 2 of the scenes which was in the middle of a song. (I think the split occurred because my video camera can automatically record on an external memory card if the internal memory card is full.) 6. Saved project during steps 1-5. 7. Started MyDvd from videowave, and added a menu, didn't matter which I chose, I tried a couple and using either one the project failed as above. 8. Created "chapters" using automatically detection. Now I recall at this point that the application reported an error. "some chapters were not added due to chapter spacing rules". 9. Edited text and tested within MyDvd simulator. 10. At this point there was a production button which did not "play" the production, but went to the chapter menu. I could not see how to play the video, so copied the "production" button, changing the "link to" properties to point to "all movies in project". However after setting this and testing the button functionality, the property changed to "none", but still functions ok. 11. Burned project to iso, settings as discussed in earlier post. Project failed each time either as iso or DVD, at encode menu stage. I have just tried increasing the image size to 8 gig, as my hd footage had to be degraded to fit 4.7g and test as an iso. I will also try using the folder method and post back outcome. I have also tried the repair option advised, which didn't work. Thanks for your help. Update: 8gb ISP also failed.
  4. Thanks for the info Jim, will be useul for future projects. I will continue to test and maybe try the folder option you suggest. I've used this in other applications so I am familiar with the Video structure. I cant say for certain that I have fixed this, but at least I have a way forward albeit not ideal (without Menus). Cheers.
  5. Cheers Brendon, justs tried and connected ok - no updates sadly...
  6. How does setting the quality to HQ work if the target DVD size (4.7GB) for the ISO is not big enough to hold a 90 mins production? If I try this the application indicates not enough space is available and assumed that the burn (to ISO) would fail, so didnt bother trying.
  7. Ok, so heres my findings following testing yesterday; 1. Makes no difference whether Software or Hardware rendering is configured. 2. MyDVD without Menu System works every time with either HW or SW rendering. 3. Any attempt to incorporate a Menu structure fails at the last step, which is irritating as you have to wait for encoding to complete (40 mins +), only to receive the error as above #5. 4. Quality setting of "Fit To Disc" or setting a specific quality, e.g. SP, EP, LP does not resolve the error issue when using a menu system. So, it seems that the Menu system for me at least is non functional. A pity really as I like the option of having individual chapters for the production. Given the number of threads I have read on this subject it does not appear to be an isolated case. I hope Roxio read this and take action to provide a fix soon. At least I have fulfilled my objective to produce a DVD of a school production in time for end of term!
  8. The project almost fills the DVD, 4675.7 Mb, Free=24.3 Mb, so I guess its around the 90 mins mark Am just trying another recommendation I found, switch to Software rendering.. will advise outcome. Also, now at least the encoding starts. Before it just hung with no progress being shown. Prior to retest I updated the OS from Microsoft to the latest pacthes, although the first test following the patch update failed at the encoding menu stage.
  9. Geebee.UK

    How Do I Split A Video Clip

    I hit the solved button cos I found out how to do it through another thread, apologies. I didnt realise that in order to split the video, you needed to be in "TimeLine" mode and not "StoryLine".
  10. Is there a way to split a video clip into separate clips within videowave, rather than trim unwanted footage out of the clip entirely?