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    Will Not Work!

    It doesn't matter anymore as I returning them both to the shop where I bought them from as they are both no working properly. The pc game capture software will not record any video or audio from any game what so ever, even after a fresh install of windows and a fresh install of games. Even without Frap's or any other software other than the game, this so called "gameplay recording software" still refused to record any games what so ever. The console recorder would record video but it had nothing but interference on the screen, and although you could see the picture quite easily the fuzzy interference was just to annoying.
  2. Damien c

    Will Not Work!

    That's why I have bought the console capture device as well as the PC capture software. I am going to try reinstalling the software now to see what happens.
  3. Damien c

    Will Not Work!

    99% sure it was the software as it started playing up, so I did a fresh install when I got my 2nd ssd to put in Raid. The other software work's but sometimes the outputted video will have certain sections where the screen just goes black and then back to normal. Might just go overkill this weekend and do a fresh install of windows again and this software to see if it works, that is if no one has any information on how to get this working. I just get the feeling by the lack of options when recording and also the lack of options full stop that this is not a finished product.
  4. Damien c

    Will Not Work!

    Right so I went out and bought this "software" tonight, along with the stuff to be able to record from my xbox as well as I play games mainly on my pc but also on my xbox. I installed this and started to play a few games after setting it up to record on my 1tb drive. I hit the button for it to start recording and it dropped the frame rate down to 30 with a green box around it, and then it just vanished abit later on I pressed the button again and this time a red box came up and my frame rate returned to normal. I jumped out of the game and went to the folder where the video should have been and it wasn't there! I then have messed around turning Frap's off and MSI Afterburner off, tried a variety of different games and nothing still no videos or screenshot's. Am I missing something or was this software a complete waste of money? PC spec is more than capable of recording and gaming at the same time. CPU: Intel Core I7 2700k @ 4.8ghz Ram: 8gb Corsair Vengeance 1600mhz Mobo: Asus P8Z68-Gen 3 GPU: MSI GTX 680 SSD: 2x Corsair Force 3 120gb in Raid 0 Sound: Creative Soundblaster X-Fi Titanium My pc will not struggle, and works fine with Frap's but the issue is that my conversion software started to play up so I got this to replace it for the recording and converting.