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  1. I wasn't try to make you repeat yourself I just didn't know what it meant. I'm not sure how to tell if my computer has this or not but I will try to google it or something I do greatly appreciate your responses since as you can plainly see this is not my area of expertise
  2. Ok I don't exactly know what an ssd drive is so I'm assuming I don't have one
  3. Thanks for responding. I don't know what defrag means but I will try shutting off anti virus. It may be the computer as I did notice it was hot and I cou hear fan working like crazy:(
  4. Oh and I fo I have windows 7
  5. Hello wondering if someone can help me. I added a video to try to make a movie but the video and sound are not in sync. I have done this one other time on a home movie and it worked fine. This is a different camera not sure if that's the issue Anyway I recorded it on a canon rebel t2i on a Sandisk ultra 40mb sd hc I class 10 card. I took them from the card and put them into windows my videos. My QuickTime is up to date because when I first tried to add the video to video wave it told me I had to upgrade. So that is done I'm not technical so I'm not sure what to do now Any help would be greatly appreciated Thank you
  6. horseneck

    Videowave Trim Problems

    I tried reading other posts about this but cant find the answer I need..... I have Roxio Creator 2011, I have my video in there and i have clicked on the "trim" scissor icon. I drag the little flags and click ok. But that part that I wanted to get rid of is still there? There are other parts I want to delete but this doesnt seem to be working? I've tried these forums, youtube videos, help files....i dont know what im missing? I hate to ask a question thats already been asked and waste anyones time but I amm stuck. I would like to delete the section I have selected so that I can select other sections Any help would be appreciated! Thanks