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  1. Studer

    Blu-Ray Player

    Many thanks guy's for the info so far. Sorry if I mis understand things but English is not my native language it's Dutch. But I will do my best. If I understand correctly I need to upgrade to Creator 2012 and buy the BD plug-in then? That's what I make up of what's written above I allso make up of this, that I've been mis informed in the shop when I bought the Creator 2011. Me was told that it al so played Blu ray disc. They didn't say you needed an extra plug-in which isn't avaible anymore. I feel mislead now. Anyway I will download the Corel player you suggested and think off this. I don't like to many players on my PC. I prefer all in one That's why I bought the Rocio creator. Again thanks
  2. Studer

    Blu-Ray Player

    Hello Digital Guru, In my version I only see CinePlayer without BD I believe that will be the problem. The version is 5.6.c07 build 561B73A That's all I can find. What will be or is the solution ? Many thanks in advance
  3. Studer

    Blu-Ray Player

    Hello to all, My Blu-Ray player doesn't play blu-disc's. When I put a Blu-Ray disc in the player it say get update's When I go to update I see: No updates avaible. I use Roxio creator 2011 PRO Cineplayer came with it version 5.6.c07 build 561B73A Blu-ray is A BD-Rom optiarc BC-5500S Question is, Do I need anything else if so, What? Many thanks in advance