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  1. I have the Z570...no card slot.
  2. Thanks guys for jumping in so fast! I think my confusion is that I am missing one key cable... but I'm not sure. I think I must have Sony's ilink USB cable...because I do not have an 13994 port on my laptop and I see no way of connecting the Roxio vido capture USB to the camera. Does this make sense to you?
  3. What should I do now? I just installed Creator 2012 Pro this weekend to help my daughter get her video project done for school. The camera is the SONY HDV Handycam HDR-HC1 (aboout 5 yrs old and uses Hi 8 digital tape) The camera has a HDV/DV port (which is 1394 or iLink in sony lingo) but it does not support video to the computer according to their help people. I also have the Roxio Video Capture USB but the camera does not have S video or the RCA ports/jacks. My laptop is a Lenovo ideaPad with Win 7 home premium but no 1394 port...of course! I got nowhere but frustrated and burned the whole weekend unable to accomplish the video transfer. Does anybody have any advice on what the heck to do next? Thanks