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    Photo Show 5 And Photo Show 6

    He sent me the PhotoShow by email. I opened it online in my account and saved it to my channel. I send PhotoShows by email as well when I create them. The difference is that the feature in v5 that you can download a photoshow created and sent to you by someone else in your Photoshow app on your desktop does not exist in v6. Therein lies my problem.
  2. jschlueter

    Photo Show 5 And Photo Show 6

    Let me give you a few more details. I am the account owner for Photoshow 5 and have since also downloaded Photoshow 6. I do have the Premium Service. My son created the photoshow in a free version of Photoshow 6. He sent it to me and I have placed it online on one of my channels. The only photoshows that 6 allows me to download are the photoshows that I have made and reside online in My Account for my Photoshows. So I need to know how to move his photoshow he sent me to my side of the photoshows or need to know how I can save his photoshow to my account. In v5 this was never a problem. When you opened photoshow on your desktop computer it always showed the photoshows sent to you and asked if you wanted to download them to your computer. Photoshow 6 does not do that and thus the problem I am having. With all this in mind, can you give me an answer on what to do next to be able to have it recognized as a show sent to me that I want to have on my desktop photoshow application vs being able to access it only online in my account under my channels. Thanks.
  3. jschlueter

    Photo Show 5 And Photo Show 6

    Can you send me the instructions to do that?
  4. jschlueter

    Photo Show 5 And Photo Show 6

    For Mother's Day, my son created a beautiful Photo Show for me using Photo Show v6. I have Photo Show v5 on my computer and have been unable to get the photo show to download. I've turned off my firewall, turned off my anti-virus program, and put photoshow.com as a trusted site. I still can't get it to download. The error is 1001. Can ANYONE tell me what to do. I want it on my desktop. Is there a way to save it so I can view it elsewhere, i.e. my iphone, etc?