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  1. DonnieShallow

    Video Into Silhouette

    I am having a problem trying to make my video into a black FG and white BG silhouette style. I used a green screen to film what i want. I'm editing it in "roxio video lab HD" i clicked "Chroma Key" and that worked to turn the background white but i have no idea how to turn the (person) FG into a black silhouette as well. If anyone has any idea or tips for me i will appreciate it highly. (This video is an example of what i am trying to do, same concept, different color background)
  2. DonnieShallow

    Branding My Videos With Logo In Corner

    I have been doing that. i made my image as a GIF and it imports transparent but once i hit play the background of the image is automatically filled with white. and no matter how many times i try i just can get it to work.
  3. DonnieShallow

    Branding My Videos With Logo In Corner

    this is exactly what it says on the cover "roxio video lad hd with 3D" if anyone could help me figure this out i will be very grateful.
  4. I have "Roxio video HD with 3D" and i was curious about something. I've seen people use this program to do video branding before and i wanted to know if anyone knows how to do that? what i mean by video branding is for example: when u watch the news in the upper right corner they add the "LIVE" icon to the video. or when watching TV they add the Channels name in the lower right or left corner. Something similar to the image below. I just want use my Logo with out any boarders around it. If anyone knows how can you please let me know how to achieve this. thank you.