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    I'll do anything once- flying, art, business, computer art, web design-- Viagra, National Geographics, Museum of Americal Art. Discover

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#1 P6T deluxe v2, PNY 4000, 6T Black, Master Cool 850, 3 Dell fp2001, Win 7, Samsung 830 SSD, USB3, MiniMax breakout. G-teck 4T, Netgear 4500, HAF case

#2 (blue) Gigabyte 8Inxp, p4HT, ATI9600 all-in-wonder, 3 WD 250G raid 1, 7205 chip. Win XP- fiddle computer I'll let this baby go for $300 cash :D ex-airline pilot, ex-Air America, ex-ESRI, ex-err-not ex Artist: Potter, Computer design all Adobe. oh, high tech sales VP Silicon Valley. "I know less and less every day and learn more and more. Seems like I am now always fixing a computer, I used to use a computer.