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    Copying An Audio Cd Not So Straightforward

    Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I'll have an opportunity to try them out later this weekend. I'll post a response by Monday with results. - MIchael
  2. Mike4Online

    Copying An Audio Cd Not So Straightforward

    Thanks for the link. A shame it doesn't list the Starter edition. The feature I need is Copy Disc, which I can get from the Home screen or the Music Audio screen. The issue is that I don't get either of these screens when first starting the program (after insertiong an audio CD). Instead, I come to a screen prompting me to drag tracks to rip them, with no obvious way to cancel the operation (simply clicking Home effectively cancels out of this rip screen). I am looking for a way to avoid the rip screen entirely when starting Roxio, so the program is easier for others to use. It appears there is no way to disable the automatic rip prompting.
  3. Mike4Online

    Copying An Audio Cd Not So Straightforward

    In theory, Dell supports Roxio Creator Starter 2012, but in practice, the Dell support staff don't know this program. I have tried contacting Dell regarding Roxio questions, with no success. The Starter Edition is likely the same code as the Regular Edition, with certain features disabled. But I cannot be sure of this, since neither Dell nor Roxio provide the details of the differences between Roxio Creator Starter 2012 and Roxio Creator 2012. As an end user, I am left in the dark, and not sure what I would get if I were to pay for the upgrade to the full Roxio Creator 2012 software. Do you know of a link to a web page that details the differences? In any event, please let me know whether Roxio Crerator 2012 (the full version) can be configured so, when you put in an Audio CD and then launch the Creator software, the program would present action choices for an Audio CD and not assume I wanted to rip tracks. Likewise, does the full version of Roxio Creator 2012 offer command line parameter or context shortcut for easily duplicating an audio CD. If the ful version has such capabilities, I might consider upgrading my Dell OEM version. Thank you, - Michael
  4. I am running Roxio Creator Starter 2012 on a relatively new Dell PC, under Windows 7 64-bit. I am having a few difficulties copying an Audio CD: 1) When I first insert the Audio CD and launch Roxio Creator Starter 2012, the program first shows a screen where I can drag the audio tracks to rip them. I would rather the program begin on Creator's "Home" page, or show all the various actions available for an Audio CD, rather than assuming I want to rip tracks. Is there any way I can prevent Creator from guessing that I want to rip tracks? 2) Is there a command line parameter for launching Roxio Creator Starter 2012, that would initiate an audio CD copy process? If not, is there another way to initiate an audio CD copying process, e.g. perhaps a right-click context menu option somewhere within Creator or in Windows Explorer? Thanks very much, - Michael