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    "me Too" Split From A Year Thread

    You got ripped off. Roxio PC game capture never worked properly. It never even supported direct x 11. It is no longer supported or sold by Roxio. WeGames no longer exists. You wasted your money. Sorry. I would contact Amazon and try for a refund. You could even link this forum page and note the stickied link at the top which states that WeGames no longer exists.
  2. Mr. Ditters

    Second Life Virtual World

    Where did you dig up this old link? Listing these items as "new"? Yeah and when you click "buy it" it directs you to Roxio Game Capture for $99. They don't even let you buy it. Also, when you navigate products from their website in a normal fashion you PC game capture isn't listed. And even if they still supported this software (which it still doesn't appear that they do) their update server is down and the software is garbage in general. If there is any doubt, one only has to read customer reviews on retail websites.
  3. Mr. Ditters

    Second Life Virtual World

    If you haven't bought this. Don't. It doesn't work with at least half of my games. I don't think Roxio even supports it anymore. Their update server hasn't worked for sometime and they no longer list it under products on their website. They only list "Game Capture" which is for consoles. There are better alternatives out there. Try an internet search for "alternatives to Fraps". Xfire, as buggy as it is, is better and that is free. Others offer a trial and you can see how they perform (e.g. dxtory).
  4. Mr. Ditters

    Red Orchestra 2: Hit F6 To Record And The Game Crashes

    Red Orchestra is dx9c I think. In any case, I am currently playing on old card (HD 4890) which isn't dx11 so that shouldn't be why its crashing. I'm wondering if its a Steam thing. Edit: After doing a little testing Deus Ex also crashes, but Shogun 2 and Skyrim work. So its not Steam.
  5. Mr. Ditters

    Red Orchestra 2: Hit F6 To Record And The Game Crashes

    Yeah I'm making it up. I just decided to come in here to the Roxio forums and tell a lie because that's how I get my kicks. Thats what I do all day. Go to random forums that I don't care about and make up stuff. $20 rebate. $20 sale. Free shipping = free. It was about a month ago. My rebate is in the mail. The rebate is over now. Notice that I said they "were" giving it away. But yeah thanks for accusing me for no reason. So Mr. Forum Bully Roxio Fanboy, unless you have any suggestions on how to get this pos software to work properly...go away and be a jerk to someone else.
  6. Mr. Ditters

    Red Orchestra 2: Hit F6 To Record And The Game Crashes

    It was a $20 sale and a $20 rebate. The rebate has since ended. If they do the same offer in the future, don't bother with it. Its not worth the risk of having your rebate denied. The software is awful, especially when compared with alternatives. Cant record DX11 games? What the heck is that?
  7. Anyone have a fix for this other than buying Fraps (which actually works). Obviously this program has serious issues. I can see why they were giving it away for free on Newegg.