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  1. hcfreak

    Toast Crashes No Idea Why

    Finally this issue is solved (with the help of a young ICT student). I checked myself if version 11 works with El Capitano and I burned a disc successfully (an old iMovie project). So I figured out that the problem was the footage and not the software. This was wrong! Version 11 doesn't work anymore properly with El Capitano. I bought Toast T 14 (I spend a few box) and everything went fine (finally I made a disc of the three video's I wanted).
  2. hcfreak

    Toast Crashes No Idea Why

    extra information: is it possible that the cause of the problem is that the program cannot find the location (origin content), because I changed the location (initially on my internal HD later on an external HD back and forth during the other experiments).(I remember having this problem a long time before with video made with iMovie which I also changed the location. But to be honest I am not very experienced in this area. I tried recently to burn one video (I managed to do so a couple of days before successfully!) The only problem at that time was burning 3 video's on one blu ray disc)) but the last time (having the video on my desktop/internal HD) it crashed again (after more then 20% of the encoding labor). every piece of advice is very welcome.
  3. hcfreak

    Toast Crashes No Idea Why

    I tried several times to burn a blu ray of two video's on one disc. After two hours or so the program crashes. Toast Titanium 11 version 11.2 (installed an upgrade recently. At least I guess, because installation was completed succesfully) Mac Book Retina : version 10.11.3 processor: 2,3 Ghz Intel Core i7 Free space HD 50GB footage: 1: H264/AVC 1152x648 25 fps (30 minutes and 288,4 MB) 2: H264/AVC 1920x1080 25 fps (48 minutes and 1,9 GB) I live in Holland Europe so PAL is my system (25 fps) The footage was made with QT as a screen recorder (recording of a broadcast TV program) I converted the footage with Handbrake first. As a check I made a blu ray of another movie (recorded with my camcorder only one not 2) no problem! Also another screen recording (a single movie on one Blu ray) was made successfully. The error message is attached (only a small part because it was a very long report). Does anybody has a clue how this beginner can solve this issue? It will be appreciated very much because I am stuck here!
  4. Thanks a lot. If I have time I will do some more experiments to figure this out. Your explanation sounds good, but it is hard to find out if a simple cover art picture is corrupt in one way or another.(I will try once more to save the picture as you told, because I was not sure if my procedure was all right) Also I can make a scan myself of a CD cover and try to import it into the browser window of Taost.(in this way I am sure about the origin of the data) But I tried this already and the cover picture was OK in iTunes but missing after drag and drop into Toast (also by means of the edit ((playlist)) option it wasn't accepted.) Let's summarise it in this way: Live is full of mysteries and so is Toast Titanium!
  5. I tried something following your advice. Thanks a lot. I open iTunes and the playlist. Then I open Toast Titanium 11.1 but the playlist is not showing up in the browser of Toast. I can import the playlist (drag and drop). Only as I mentioned two out 15 album coverart are missing. I tried also to change the extension with Preview (export and then giving the picture another name and I select for instance in the menu png) but still the message "format not suported" (the same message after drag and drop a jpg picture in the edit section-->playlist with the box with "drag album art here") Then I tried to figure out why some individual tracks I transfer with drag and drop to the browser of Toast are with and why some tracks are without album coverart. I cannot figure it out. `With some titles the album coverart is there with others not (first I thought may be the coverart I made myself (scanning with a flatbed the original cover of the album/CD) is not accepted. But this is not the case (I did import/ drag and drop 20 different tittles to the browser to be sure, because it is hard to remember which album art "I did myself" and which did ITunes. From the list of 15 titles 2 of them are without album covert art (although they have album coverart in the original I Tunes playlist, where they came from). I guess I have to live with that. I am still puzzled but no clue where to look for a solution. (there are of course more important things to worry about). Thanks again, may be you will come up with a second thought. I will of course check this post.
  6. I made a track (song) selection with iTunes (Macbook Pro OSX 10.8.2) with 15 titles. Two album pictures (cover art) are missing. They are in the tracklist of iTunes but not transferred in the track window of Toast Titanium 11. (also with a slight other selection of tracks, 2 are missing eg not transferred) I checked if it has something to do with the audio format but this is, as far as I can see, not the case. I tried to import the coverart with the edit function of Toast (drag and drop to the window stating "drag album artwork here" but I got the message "file format is not supported". I used a jpg format picture (I don't see what other picture format is applicable, nothing mentioned on this topic in the manual) It really puzzles me, I could'n find an answer in the Toast manual and also not with Google. If anybody knows what to do I will appreciate, I am stuck here.
  7. hcfreak

    Can You Include Artwork And Cd Info When You Burn

    Thanks a lot, I understand and I will try your solution!
  8. It is the first time I used Toast Titanium 11 (with Macbook Pro OSX 10.8.2) to burn an Audio CD. Everything went fine but I have still one question : I don't see any disc information (like song title, artist) and no coverart in the monitor of my Home Cinema setup (my Denon BD/CD player) is connected to a projector but also with a display monitor). Is this possible? How to get all this on the copy you burn with Toast/ Does it make any difference what kind of audio format you put (drag and drop) on the tracklist from your Toast window AIIF, AAC and the like? thanks a lot for your input
  9. I burned a blu ray with a menu (two movies), everything works fine on my Philips 9600 BD player but not a my Denon 2500 blu ray drive.
  10. hcfreak

    Toast Is A Total Waste Of Your Money!

    I agree with you as far as the competency of tech Support is concerned (I even doubt if she/he can read English). Too bad. With Toast Titanium 11 with plug in for HD (I am a newbie) I am satisfied so far. It does what I want it to do; to burn my HD iMovie projects on a Blu ray disc.
  11. BTW my problem is still not solved (it is not a big deal because I have a 'workaround' ((converting the iMovie first into a QT movie and 'importing it in Toast. I guess my iMovie 6.0.4 is too old for Toast 11.0.6 (not compatible). It would be nice if somebody can confirm this. Questions directly to Roxio Customer Support where so far not very clarifying. ergo: I have to start working with iMovie '09 (8.0.6) or even iMovie 11.
  12. I never had this problem, but my first step would be to figure out if something is wrong in the original camcorder footage. What will happen if you do the conversion to QT with iMovie itself (export etc)? (To rule something out)
  13. hcfreak

    Br Menu Not Playing Any But First Title

    I made (as next step see above) a (Play) menu for a Blu ray disc with two movies (I imported two HD QT movies in the appropriate window of Toast). On one Blu Ray player (Philips 9600) I can choose and play both movies rom the opening Menu screen, on the other (an older but very expensive Denon player) the same story (according to the user guide my format should be compatible). Exactly as you describe it. May be a software upgrade of the Blu ray player is a solution (I couldn't find a software update for the Denon BT 2500 though)
  14. This is SOLVED!!! It is as simple as you can imagine (not like iDVD). I did a test with two short movies (not risking an expensive Blu ray disc) on a SD DVD to figure out if my assumption was correct. Outcome: the software is putting the titles in the menu automatically! (so if you put your titles correct in the window where you put your files (movies) in Toast then it is OK) (I couldn't find this in the user guide) I guess almost everybody on this forum will know this, but because I didn't get a reply I guess it makes sense to communicate this.
  15. Hi Tsantee, Hopefully you (o another expert) has still some time to look into this?: I found the right files (they are called .m2ts)? The simple method: making one disc image from both movies was not completely successful (not all BD players are playing the movies after burning the disc) Is it better to skip disc image and use VIDEO from the menu, drag/drop there the two QT HD movies (after conversion of the iMovie projects) into the Toast window but then using the Option: Menu Style to make a playback DVD or BD menu. I got stuck there because I don't know how to edit the text op the Menu buttons (I put two of them one for each movie, by default those buttons are called "my movie") I started a thread about this issue but apparently nobody can tell me if Toast is offering this functionality (like iDVD). thank a lot guys