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    Web Video Not Capturing - Another One

    I have the same issue not being able to capture youtube videos. It was working up to 2 or 3 weeks ago (someone mentioned Dec 12 2012 as the date his/hers stopped working). I can sometimes capture the advert at the beginning of the video, and sometimes I can capture the first 1.5 minutes of a video, but in most cases, the video does not even appear in the media box to download. I have reinstalled Roxio, fiddled with Safari and Firefox security settings, rebooted, and nothing. Help?!?!?!?!? John
  2. Hello everyone. Wondering if anyone can suggest quality settings for saving youtube videos to my Mac. I want to save a high quality version for viewing on the computer, and either convert it to an iphone compatible version, or download again, in an iphone compatible version. I am not concerned about compatibility with other computers or devices, just mine. What can you suggest? Thanks in advance! JoHN
  3. There are 2 videos that show in the video thumbnail area at the bottom right of the screen (see the image) that I can not remove. If I right click and choose reveal in finder, the 2 vids are there. If I delete them, they reappear in less than a second. In Preferences I have tried Storage> Delete Converted items> when Toast quits, after recoding, after 1 week, and the files remain there. Also, the date shown under these 2 thumbnails is always updated to the current time and date. How do I get rid of these?
  4. JohnnyJoMP

    Can't Even Get Past Setup Assistant

    thank you Jeff... Solution 2 worked like a charm.
  5. JohnnyJoMP

    Convert Utube Videos... 40 Seconds Of Silence At The Start

    Update: I just noticed some silences are shorter...about 8 seconds, but always consistantly the same length with the same video. Could it have something to do with the yellow marker along the time line on the utube buffer bar? Any ideas? J
  6. Hello folks A lot of my utube conversions have about 40 seconds of silence and a still image at the start. I haven't pinpointed the exact length of time, but it is consistantly about 40 seconds... never 10 or 20 and never 60 seconds, so it can't be a random thing. When the music starts, it does not start at the beginning, so I assume it is starting at the 40 second mark. Yes, I have checked, and all the files say to start at 0:00:00. Any ideas how to fix this? Mac 10.8 and 8gb ram. Related issue? I don't know if it is a slider to choose the image associated with the video file, but along the top of the timeline there is a blue triangle that always points to the 1:00 mark unless I back it up to the 0:00 mark. Help? JoHN~
  7. JohnnyJoMP

    Convert Mov To Itunes Video Format

    I found an iTunes setting to change the "type" of file.
  8. JohnnyJoMP

    Convert Mov To Itunes Video Format

    I found an iTunes setting to change the "type" of file.
  9. JohnnyJoMP

    Convert Mov To Itunes Video Format

    Just starting out with Toast 11 Platinum. I converted some Utube music videos to mov format, but the file sizes are so huge (2gb+ each)that I want to convert them to smaller files to put on my iphone. When I converted them to iPhone format, iTunes put them in as TV shows rather than movies. Copying the files to the movies folder has not helped. Going back and re-capturing the videos from utube is a possibility if it will result in better quality. How can I get itunes to recognize them as music (preferred) or as movies (2nd choice) instead of TV shows? Thanks in advance for any help. JoHN~
  10. JohnnyJoMP

    Toast Titanium: Clearing Files From Preview Window

    Thanks! I figured that out, but I thought there must be an easier way. Seems a little silly, but that is the way I'll have to do it. Thanks again JoHN~
  11. Hi folks I am converting video files from Utube. the files I choose to convert are displayed in the side bar, and when I drag them over to the convert window, I can not see a way to remove them from the side bar. Once they are converted, I no longer want them displayed. How do I remove them from teh sidebar window? Thanks in advance! John