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  1. Many thanks to both of you. Quite right that I was unclear in what I was trying to ask. I started over and made a test playlist with 4 tunes, each up to about a minute in length. Then I added a tune to make a total of five. And everything worked. I'm not sure what the problems were, but I think I know how to make the system work. I'm using Roxio Creator 2012 with Widows 7. I open the Roxio application, then hit Burn Audio CDs. Then under Add Files (with the green + sign) I now go into MyMusic/Playlists and click on the playlist I want (provided I haven't tinkered with it and changed tunes) and the tunes properly come up under Add Files. When I make a playlist I click on Save Playlist, and the list is saved under MyMusic/Playlists. When I close Roxio, I'm asked "Would you like to save your current BurnAudioCDs project?", it seems to save the project as a Roxio Image file, which I can then double click on, and the Roxio app automatically starts. I'm thinking that I must have added a file or somehow tinkered with the playlist or changed or moved something. However, now it seems to work quite OK. Thank you for you all your help. Kevin O'Brien
  2. Right. I know that m3u files should direct the program to wherever on the computer the individual tunes are. In Roxio Creator, when I click on Add Files and then click on the particular playlist I want, the message says the file may have been moved or deleted. Properties says it's an m3u file, which BurnCD should find and open. I also saved the files as BurnAudio, which Properties says are Rox Image Files, with the extension .rox. It would seem that Roxio should open these as well, but the message says the files may have been moved or deleted. So why doesn't Roxio work anymore.
  3. I saved music files as MP3 and saved playlists, saved as BurnAudio etc., or in Music as playlists, and then made new cds. Now I try to "add files" and the playlist comes as m3u. Screen says files may have been removed or deleted. However, the m3u files can be recognized by iTunes or Windows Media Player. What happened, and how do I add these music files to the Burn Audio screen in such a way that the program will recognize them? Example: below is 1 track on a demo cd playlist. But the playlist won't load -- it seems now to be in m3u, Which Roxio doesn't seem to recognize. Yet it saved the playlist as m3u, and it didn't used to. Need help on this. Thanks. Kevin O'Brien 01 Minstrel Boy 1.mp3
  4. bogtr

    Editing Audio

    Thanks for the clarifications. I re-edited the 87 minute music instruction. I delete some minutes and broke what was left into 10 tracks. It seems that I still had only one clip, broken into 10 tracks. The only way I could save the track structure was to save each track as a separate file. I then had a total of 46 minutes of audio, totaling about 42 MB. I had initially misread the message in the Export Tracks/Clips. I have tons of GB, not KB as I said in my original question. My remaining question is, when I am in the Sound Editor screen, why, under the Export heading, won't my track structure save when I click Export Tracks/Clips? I finally saved each track as a file, track by track, and burned a CD containing all ten of the edited tracks. I did what I wanted to, but it seems that the Roxio Creator 12 application can do loads of things, but instruction is minimal.
  5. bogtr

    Editing Audio

    I have an 87 minute clip of music instrucion. I edited out parts ending up with about 36 minutes of instruction and broke the clip into several tracks, intending burn a CD from the edited clip. The tracks don't save. All that saves is the entire clip. I click on export clips/tracks, but a message says that I need 36MG but have only whatever KB. I can find no help on this. Yet other entire music playlists I have are less than 1 MB. No explanation or instruction is given in the "manual" for Roxio Creator 2011, the only one available, or on any Help button I could fine. There seems to be no instruction to do this. I will never buy another Corel anything.
  6. bogtr

    Sonic Recordnow V. 2,

    I have Sonic RecordNow Audio, v. 2.0.0, in my Dell laptop I bought in 2005 or 2006. I have used it without problems until now. I have saved playlists under My Documents and I could always retrieve them. They now seem to be in M3U format, which RecordNow should be able to read. Yesterday I tried to get the file up and the message said "The file you selected could not be found on your system and has not been added." How did these files, always usable before, suddenly become unrecognized. And how can I get them to work again? Thanks.